These days, a career in audio production requires innovative software programs in order to produce high quality music and other sounds. These types of programs allow you to compose, record, edit, tweak and encode digital audio files. Some even allow you to convert audio files into MP3 format, as well as create your own music.

These programs can be expensive, but free recording software programs do exist to help you get the job done! Here are three free recording software programs to help you use Windows to create your own music and other audio files:



Moo0 VoiceRecorder is a software tool that makes it super simple to record sound. You can use a microphone to record sounds, including voice, with just a few clicks. This audio recording program also records system audio and web audio, including line-level audio, Internet radio, Skype and Web audio.

The most common types of audio files recorded with Moo0 VoiceRecorder include MP3 and WAV formats. Its settings allows for three different types of recording modes:

  • Voice Only – mic input PC
  • Sound Only – system audio
  • Voice and PC Sound – both system audio and mic input


Audacity Portable is a member of the PortableApps line of free software tools. It allows you to edit WAV, MP3 and other digital audio files. With Audacity Portable, users can do the following:

  • Remove extra clips and long intros
  • Change various audio or song file parameters, such as tempo and pitch

It’s a 100% portable audio recording and editing software program. That means that it begins to run as soon as you click to an executable file without you having to install it. This software can be carried around on any portable storage device, including a smartphone, iPod or USB drive.


MixPad Multitrack is a software that allows you to produce studio-quality music. This innovative mixing app can integrate with a variety of audio tools. Unlike many other music mixing software, this doesn’t try to mimic a studio console. Instead, it incorporates a drag-and-drop, simple-to-understand console layout. The console integrates with MS Office and Explorer. MixPad Multitrack does the following:

  • Edits and rips sample tracks and audio clips
  • Adds reverb, beats and other effects
  • Changes pitch
  • Supports recordings with low-latency

These free recording software programs are simple-to-use tools to get you started in your own home studio. However, if you decide to go after an audio engineering career in studios or other sound recording environments, you’ll need to learn how to use more high-tech audio production programs. The best way to learn to use industry-popular audio recording tools is to graduate from one of your local or online audio production schools!


Graduates of audio production schools have many more doors opened up to them for lucrative music industry jobs, but these careers exist within the music industry and beyond! Audio Engineering and Music Production programs vary from one sound engineering school to the next.

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