Sound technicians are key players in any music production team, whether they are mixing in the recording studio or operating sound systems in a live sound venue. The most successful audio engineers have a wide range of knowledge and specialized skills, and many would agree that some formal training is necessary in order to succeed in the world of sound and music production. In this blog, we uncover 4 of the top factors to think about when looking for the right Audio Engineering School.


There are many audio engineering schools that offer targeted instruction in the tools and techniques involved in sound production, so it is a good idea to consider your own needs (learning style, career goals, etc.) when searching for a program, and to think strategically about your options. Whether you’ll be looking for audio or music industry jobs in the future, having the right audio engineering school on your resume can make all of the difference to your job search. Some things that might be helpful to bear in mind when choosing a school include:


Choose a school in a region where you might want to work because that’s where your first network will be, based on your immediate contacts with instructors and fellow students. Invest yourself in the area that the school is in along with the program itself. F.I.R.S.T. Institute is located in the vibrant city of Orlando, epicenter for technological innovation and hotbed for up-and-coming musicians, established theatrical events, and theme-park spectaculars, meaning there are plenty of audio and music industry jobs available.


Do you want to be finished in 12 weeks or 2-4 years? Will you be learning by working or by listening to lectures? Are classes large or small? At F.I.R.S.T. Institute, most of our students graduate in approximately 8 months — far less time than traditional schools and audio engineering colleges require. We have no general education classes, so everything you do is directly related to your technical knowledge and professional development and aimed at getting you audio and music industry jobs. We are firmly committed to a teaching style that incorporates lectures into hands-on, practical activities — not the other way around! Many of our instructors are industry professionals with ties in the business and artistic communities of Orlando, and, since we keep class size small, you will have direct access to their expertise and be able to ask questions at all times.



Different programs have different courses depending on your experience and the program’s strengths, so match yourself to your school. Is your dream to work in the studio, recording for films, television, or a hot indie band? Or is mixing your passion? Do you want to provide soundscapes to video games and apps? Work in live events? The audio production courses at F.I.R.S.T. Institute will give you a head start in any of these arenas. As part of your course, we will help you find the audio internship that is best suited to help you gain relevant experience in your area of interest and land various music industry jobs!


When looking through music production schools online, take the time to see what graduates have to say about their experiences. Often there will be testimonials from recent graduates on a school’s website, but it is also worthwhile to ask the admissions team if you can email a graduate directly with your questions. Take a look at what kinds of jobs graduates of the school have taken, and see how they match up with you own aspirations. F.I.R.S.T. Institute has graduates in all levels of the music industry: mixing engineers, live sound engineers, audio post engineers, and many other types of sound engineering technicians. Schools that openly showcase their graduates and maintain positive relationships with alumni are the most likely to offer support to you after your course has finished!


A quality education from a good audio school like F.I.R.S.T. Institute, one of the best audio engineering schools in Florida, can teach you the skills you need to succeed in the Audio industry. There you’ll learn what you need to get your new audio production career off the ground, you’ll even learn your way around a studio and how to make your own music. You won’t get our quality, hands-on learning experience with passionate audio industry professionals anywhere else!  Check out the Audio Engineering and Music Production program at the F.I.R.S.T. Institute audio production school today. You’re only months away from your dream career!