Get in a control room at Plush Studios with John LaRosa, Recording Arts instructor at F.I.R.S.T. Institute, for this installment of Audio Faculty Spotlight.


John LaRosa started his audio engineering career after graduating in 2000. He began as a voiceover editor, which led him to manage an audio department that produced books on tape for publishing companies, such as Harcourt Inc., Holt Rinehart, and Winston. He later changed his career path to strictly work in the music industry as a recording and mixing engineer for genres including Gospel, Blues, Rock, Pop, RnB, and Rap. LaRosa also currently works at Hard Rock Live Orlando as a stagehand and monitor engineer. He has been an instructor and mentor for students since 2003. He enjoys teaching and knowing he is affecting students’ lives in a positive way.

As an audio engineer he works with recording artists across genres, including blues, rock, pop, R&B, and rap. Following his lifelong passion for music, LaRosa helps encourage students by teaching the skills and instilling the confidence to pursue their own goals in the industry and beyond.

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