November 9, 2014


Writers block, it’s something we all face and have to deal with. It doesn’t matter whether you write music, poems, books or blogs, we’ve all come across that moment when the pen is just not mightier than the sword!

Having writers block can be one of the most frustrating realities an artist has to deal with-especially if you have deadlines! Being a songwriter for up and comers as well as a work for hire writer for well-known names in the industry, I’ve learned quite a few tools, tips and tricks to help deal with this issue. One of the best things you can do is get out of your own way and don’t over think. The artist inside of you is a free spirit that should not be forced. As I always say “Lyrics write themselves, I just provide the pen.” Join me as I share a few pointers on defeating writers block.

How To Defeat Writers Block

  1. Walk Away: When we begin to write or are some ways into our new work of art, there are times when we tend to get lost in our own brains. Getting lost inside of your work can be a good thing when the ink is flowing onto the paper. Conversely getting lost can also mean you are not delivering your best material simply because your creativity has become lazy. Now, of course this isn’t done intentionally but let’s face it, it happens! What I have learned to do in this situation is to simply walk away. By walking away, I mean put the pen down, turn off the mac (or typewriter for you retro enthusiasts), get up and walk away! Why is this important you ask? Because like in any relationship, sometimes you have to miss what you fell in love with. How long should you walk/stay away? As long as it takes. This could mean anywhere from an hour to a day (with your respective deadlines in mind). Do this and I promise your relationship with your craft will be refreshed and your creativity recharged.
  1. Watch the Signs: When I was recording my very first album, a good engineer friend of mine brought this particular finding to my attention. As most of you know, there is a ton of energy and dedication that goes into making an album.  We would literally lay vocals from sun up to sun down. After listening to the playback the next day, we noticed something quite revealing. The vocals we recorded in the daytime were much more crisp, bright, lively and overall just sounded better. So, we made a decision from there on to record vocals only during the day and it worked for us. I encourage you to find your creative spark no matter what time of day it is. There are times when I get up and write at 3 A.M. You may write better at a certain time of the day or a particular location. Point being: Watch the Signs. There’s no formula to creativity. But when dealing with issues like writer’s block, it is always important to pay attention to the little telltale signs. The writing’s on the wall.
  1. Stay Inspired:  I’ve always said there is nothing more inspiring than inspiration. To some, this may sound rhetorical but think about the last time you heard or saw something new or old that gave you goose bumps and made you want to go create! It’s as simple as going to see your favorite band in concert or listening to a CD you haven’t heard in a while. These are just a few ways you can relight the fire and find your spark again. Writers must understand that there is nothing degrading about seeking inspiration from those who share the same passion as you!


These are just a few tips that have helped me along the way in my audio engineer career & writing career. I hope this helps you if you ever feel discouraged, frustrated or at a loss for words. Also, remember to eliminate all unhealthy distractions while creating and never forget that this is your gift and you will never lose it. All great writers travel through a rough patch here and there. The trick is… just keep writing.