January 31, 2015


There are many film schools throughout the United States, but Florida is by far the premiere destination for young aspiring filmmakers to achieve their degree goals. Aside from great weather year round, the Sunshine State offers many advantages over other states when it comes to attending film school.

As a local Orlando resident, I’ve seen the various film school programs develop over the years. I’ve talked to and worked with individuals from each program. This has allowed me to gauge the variety and caliber each program has to offer. Although they are all unique in their own aspect, one thing is for certain; Florida is the place for film schools. Here are several reasons why moving to Florida for school makes sense:

  1. The Booming Hospitality Industry: With Disney, Universal, and many other theme parks and attractions right down the road, you have many opportunities to work with like minded individuals in the entertainment industry. Let’s face it, no one likes to work while they’re going to school, but if you could work with fellow entertainment professionals who are also looking to gain experience and exposure, it’s a win­-win for everyone.
  2. Internship and Networking: In addition to the many entertainment related jobs available, the internship and networking possibilities are also exponential. This gives any motivated individual the opportunity to network and develop his skills with a large variety of entertainment and industry professionals.
  3. No State Taxes: This might not seem like much of a reason, but you will be grateful come payday. The State of Florida does not have a state income tax for its residents. This means more of your hard-earned money ends up in your pocket! Who doesn’t like that?
  4. Variety of Film Schools: With several schools to choose from in the Orlando area, the odds are in your favor that you’ll find one best suited for you. If you’re coming in from out of state, this also gives you the opportunity to shop several schools, meet their staff, and evaluate their program before making a very big decision. This is a huge benefit because you may think all film and video schools are similar, but in reality, they are very different.

I hope this helps to guide your search for a film and video school and persuades you that, although Hollywood may be your destination, the journey begins in Florida.