June 11, 2022

5 Avid Pro Tools Plugins You Must Try

Avid Pro Tools is an audio recording software program that acts as a digital audio workstation. These 5 Avid Pro Tools Plugins will give you all that you need to record, compose, mix and edit TV and film soundtracks, and professional sounding music. It’s the most popular DAW used among mixers, producers and artists mostly because it’s ease of use, making it a great way to get the job fast.


There are also some really useful plugins that come with Pro Tools. They can be used for coming up with very useful and creative effects. But, many people overlook these effective plugins, never having any idea just how useful they are for creating great sound. Let’s take a look at 5 Pro Tool plugins that could really make your audio engineering and music production life much easier:


This Avid Pro Tools plugin is a really cool amplifier simulator. It can be used on all kinds of different sounds, such as instruments, etc.

Here’s a basic overview of the overall layout of SansAmp PSA-1: 

  • Pre-Amp
  • Buzz
  • Crunch
  • Drive
  • Low Equalizer
  • High Equalizer
  • Level Output


This is a very dynamic Avid Pro Tools plugin that helps you control the delay. It’s considered a fun and easy plugin by industry experts.

Here are some of the features of AIR Dynamic Delay: 

  • Sync – Locks everything to tempo of the session
  • Delay Time Settings
  • Feedback Settings
  • Delay Panning
  • Basic Equalizer Settings
  • Low Cut
  • High Cut
  • Envelope Modulation
  • Feedback Mode
  • Mono
  • Stereo
  • Cross Pan
  • Overall Mix Level


This Avid Pro Tools plugin is extremely simple to maneuver. Although it comes with very basic features, it’s very effective for coming up with creative effects by manipulating frequencies. The settings can even be automated and used for a build.

Here are some of those basic features you’ll find on the user interface of AIR Frequency Shifter: 

  • Frequency Settings
  • Mode Settings
  • Rise
  • Fall
  • Feedback Level for the Shift
  • Overall Mix
  • More Effect
  • Less Effect

4. LO-FI

Lo-Fi is a Pro Tools plugin that has really creative effects that you can use on all kinds of tracks. According to industry experts, it’s a really effective tool to use on 808s. That’s because it’s a great way 808s or subs to cut through the mix without having to add an equalizer or do any additional processing. It also has the ability to make subs pop out of a mix.

Check out some of the features of the straight-forward interface of the Lo-Fi plugin for Pro Tools: 

  • Sample Rate – Basic feature
  • Sample Size – Can add robotic and distortion sound effects. Helps subs cut thru on players without a lot of low frequencies like computers and cell phones
  • Anti-Alias – Helps smooth out high frequency or artifacts that happen when change sample rate
  • Distortion – Really makes the sub come out
  • Noise – Can add “skrillex-like” sound effects
  • Saturation – Good for warming up tracks or adding a different tone, like a rumble, etc.


Unlike the other plugins above, PhaseScope is a simply utility tool that’s used as a meter. It can be used to make sure there are no phase problems between the different tracks within a session. This plugin for Pro Tools also helps to give you a more solid, professional-sounding mix. PhaseScope works with an equalizer plugin to adjust the signal’s phase. This plugin is very useful for making tracks solid and really mono-compatible.

Below are the basic metering features you’ll find on it’s pretty easy to understand interface: 

  • Phase Line
  • Is the signal in-phase, out of phase, part way out of phase, etc?
  • Is the signal in or out?


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