July 21, 2015


Being an audio student is never easy. Besides working hard and studying, students have to worry about their future career paths. Thinking about becoming an audio engineering student? Then, your future can be bright. You can choose from many different entry-level audio engineer jobs these days. Here are the top five for students and recent graduates:


An audio engineer internship is one of the best ways to get started in the recording arts industry; however, it’s also one of hardest jobs in this field. Interns are expected to have a comprehensive understanding of every single piece of equipment they will be operating. Since recording studios are busy places, the staff may not have time to teach you the basics. Due to this, some recording studios require coursework before you can even submit an internship application.

You may consider entering an internship while attending a Recording Arts Program at a vocational school or college. This way you will achieve a greater degree of communication with recording studio professionals, clients, and artists. Understanding what the client or artist says and being able to discuss what their needs will help you stand out from other competing interns.


A runner is a challenging, entry-level studio job. Runners help the rest of the staff with everything they need. The tasks can vary, but they generally include things like:

  • Selling tickets
  • Helping out backstage
  • Printing
  • Any variety of things needed done

Being a runner has many advantages, and the greatest one is being able to see what all the other different departments do. This will help you decide if a career in Recording Arts or music production is the right path for you.




Front of House, or FOH, is as almost as important to the audience as the band itself. The main task of the FOH engineer is to control what the audience hears during a live performance and to provide stellar sound quality in the venue.

To become a FOH engineer, you need to know how to use and maintain the audio equipment. As a FOH engineer you will work together with the artists to determine the sound the artist wants while on stage.

Some FOH duties are:

  • Supervising the technician crew
  • Maintenance of all audio gear
  • Adjusting the gain and dynamics of incoming audio signals during the entire performance


Here are some general assistant audio engineer duties:

  • Preparing the studio for a recording or mixing session by setting up previously recorded audio tracks in line with the recording engineer’s preferences
  • Choosing the right microphone for every instrument and proper placement of the microphone for the best performance sound
  • Set up and troubleshoot the audio equipment during the recording or mixing session


An assistant studio manager is a prime entry-level audio engineer job. This person’s job is to ensure that the studio itself is exceeding the client’s expectations.

Some of the assistant studio manager’s responsibilities include:

  • Providing high-end customer service
  • Handling client’s issues in a pleasant and appropriate manner
  • Training, motivating, directing, coaching and evaluating all studio staff
  • Supervising studio’s retail

Skills and requirements for this entry-level audio engineer job:

  • Superior customer service skills
  • Highly organized person with the ability to prioritize multiple tasks with tight deadlines
  • Education from a higher learning institution with audio engineering courses

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