November 10, 2016


LinkedIn has long been pegged as the social media network for professionals. It’s a very popular tool for helping professionals network with others within their industries, markets, and niches. But do you know that you can also use LinkedIn to find a job online? Here’s how we use LinkedIn to network.

13 Tips to Use LinkedIn to Find a Job

Use these 13 tips below to help you learn how to use LinkedIn networking tools to help you find a job:

1. Make Your LinkedIn Profile Unique

In order for your LinkedIn profile to stand out, it needs to be unique. So get creative and avoid using generic, cliché words to describe yourself, such as effective, strategic, and responsible. Instead, use the dynamic extra profile features now offered by LinkedIn:

  • Add previous work experience
  • Upload relevant presentations and videos
  • Rearrange the layout of your profile to match your personality and skills

2. Make Finding You Simple

LinkedIn recruiters search for candidates using keyword searches. Make sure your profile includes the keywords your target employers are using to find new employees. Be sure your headline is appealing and attracts the companies for which you’d like to work for. This is an effective way to use LinkedIn to find a job.

3.  Complete Your Profile in Full

Think of going through the various sections of your LinkedIn profile as going through a job interview. If an interviewer asks you a question and you just don’t feel like answering it, what would you do? Well, if you really want the job, you’d answer it in full anyway.

LinkedIn profiles are seven times more likely to be viewed if they are complete. Profiles that include a real photo are 11 times more likely to be viewed. Adding at least one previous job increases viewing chances by up to 12 times.

4. Specify Relevant Skills

Do you possess skills that make you a great fit for your target job? Then be specific when listing those skills. Try to get your LinkedIn connections you’ve worked with in the past to endorse those skills on the social network. Also, reach out to past employers on LinkedIn and try to get them to reference your skills in recommendations on your profile. Endorsements and recommendations showcase your trustworthiness and suitability for a specific job.

5. Customize Your Profile for a New Career

Thinking about changing careers and entering a new industry? More than likely, you have some skills and experience there as well. Now you need to tailor your profile to reflect this if you want to use LinkedIn to find a job in this new market.

Find a job opening in the industry. Within the job posting, take note of the key skills needed for the position in which you’re experienced. Tailor a new CV to include these skills.

6. Research before the Meeting

Have a business meeting (or job interview) coming up soon? Looking for ways to avoid the awkwardness that comes with first-time face-to-face meetings? Finding common ground on LinkedIn can help.

According to LinkedIn, professionals sign up on the social media site at a rate of about two new users per second. So, there’s chance the person you’re meeting with soon also has a LinkedIn profile. Check it out to find common connections that may exist between the two of you, info about their current and previous roles, interests, skills, and experience.

7. Build a Valuable Network

Experts suggest having no less than 50 contacts within your LinkedIn network in order for your profile to be successful. Add your friends, family, and colleagues who are using the social network to your connections. When requesting to connect with others, leave a personalized message for the person, not the standard one suggested by LinkedIn.

8. Join Relevant Groups

Groups are a great way to use LinkedIn to find a job. You can search for a group to join based on industry, skill level, job type, and more. The more active you are within a specific group, the more visible you become within that group. This is important because recruiters tend to follow discussions in related group discussions.

9. Build & Develop Networks Using the LinkedIn Mobile App

You can use LinkedIn to find a job while on-the-go by downloading the social network’s mobile app. The LinkedIn mobile app makes it easy to build and develop networking relationships. It allows you to get network updates and keep up with birthdays and job changes.

Use the mobile app’s messaging system for conversations with others. Customize your feed so you can keep up with trending topics and stories related to your job interests. Use the search functionality to find job openings fast through LinkedIn.

10. Publish Relevant, Unique, Valuable Content on LinkedIn

Fresh, new content is the key to improving your brand’s exposure and rankings with Google and other search engines. LinkedIn allows you to create and publish content using its self-publishing platform. Share your content. Comment on the content published by others within your industry, especially industry leaders and influencers.

Use this content to lure readers into reading your online resume, digital portfolio, website, or blog. All of this helps to establish your professional skills and knowledge, improving your chances of being able to use LinkedIn to find a job.

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