April 23, 2015


Recording studios are facilities where all the magic happens. It’s where sound ideas are transformed into musical masterpieces. Florida has some of the best recording studios in the United States. Looking for recording studios in Florida? Check this out!


Here’s our list of what we consider to be some of the best recording studios in Florida:

  • Plush Studios – Plush is a creative center for music recording, located in a quiet corner of Central Florida. Many famous artists have passed through this studio like Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Paramore, B.O.B., and Shinedown.
  • North Avenue Studios – North Avenue Studios owns a great selection of modern and vintage gear. They provide recording, mixing, and production services. Some of their clients are Roadkill Ghost Choir, King Tuff, Man Man, and many more.
  • IDEAS Studio – IDEAS is a media and experience design companyThey also offer other services such as concept development, branding, training, and more. IDEAS Studio will help your inner artist come out.
  • Phat Planet Studios – Phat Planet Studios is a world-class facility with the finest equipment, expert engineers, and a dedicated A&R department. They make sure to meet the needs of customers who request excellent quality. Phat Planet provides recording, mixing, production, and mastering services.
  • Starke Lake Studios – Starke Lake Studios is a studio with stellar equipment and atmosphere. In a 3000-square foot space, you can record songs, have rehearsals, and take music lessons.
  • TSM Studios – TSM Studios is an industry leader in digital media, production, and marketing. They provide video production and mixing, plus website design, social marketing, and other multimedia services.
  • Jay Stanley Productions – Jay Stanley offers world-class service to recording artists. They have three private recording studios with the latest cutting edge Pro Tools systems. Their services include: High Definition Audio, Music Production, Sound Design, and more.
  • The Hit Factory/Criteria – The Hit Factory/Criteria clients are one of the most famous artists. Some of their clients were Aerosmith, Dr. Dre, Mariah Carey, and Bob Marley
  • South Beach Studios – South Beach Studios is located in The Marlin Hotel, and they are designed to meet all of your creative needs. Jay Z, Beyoncé, Kanye West, Pink, and other famous singers recorded their music here.
  • Clear Track Studios – Clear Track Studios has a creative atmosphere and on-site tech support, which makes for smoother recording and mixing sessions. They provide recording, mixing, production, and music training services.

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