July 29, 2015


AEMP CLASS 203 Features Nano Of The Luna Bellum

It’s an exciting time at audio engineering school F.I.R.S.T Institute, as Audio Engineering and Music Production class 203 recently brought in indie recording artist and lead vocalist Nano of The Luna Bellum. The class recorded and tracked guitar and vocals for the band’s new record, “Nuna.” Every aspect of live sound recording, from tracking, mixing and editing to professionalism, studio etiquette and communication was put to the test and gave the music production students the opportunity to experience life in the studio with a real client.

For this project, each student was assigned a role and a title as they prepared for a real-life live sound recording session and the experience of a lifetime. As always, F.I.R.S.T. Institute Audio Engineering and Music Production instructor John LaRosa gave students the necessary guidance and tools needed to perform efficiently in a professional studio environment and session.

AEMP Class 203 stepped up to the plate as they took on demanding roles such as lead engineer, console engineer, control room and studio assistant. All students were on task, in position and working together since their individual pieces to the puzzle were vital for the project’s success and important for preparing the students for future music industry jobs.

“As we built communication and became comfortable with the artist, it all came naturally,” said student/console engineer Anthony Buggs.

Signal was flowing, bays were patched and passion took over as Nano stepped into the booth and delivered raw vibrato over guitar riffs. As the lead engineer, student Amir Ahmed, stated, “This experience helped us understand our strengths and weakness and also helped us to build confidence.”

Stay tuned to hear the finished product from Nano and F.I.R.S.T. Institute Audio Engineering and Music Production Class 203!


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