October 15, 2018

Building Your Brand: Mentor an Intern and Help Change the World

5 Benefits of Hiring Local Interns

Working with local interns is beneficial for any brand, for a number of many reasons. While building your brand, you’re going to have the opportunity to mentor an intern, give back to the industry that’s brought you so much.

1. Why Hire Local Interns? Positive Energy

Interns come in with a lot of energy to work and learn new things. This could be because they want to prove themselves worthy of the responsibilities handed to them. They are also not working full-time, so they have enough time to rest and come back re-energized. When you can mentor an intern that’s passionate with high energy and the right mindset, it’s a win-win for both.

This energy they bring with them helps them do their work to perfection. Remember, the last thing they want is to turn in work that is a disappointment. They are also eager to learn new things and follow all instructions given to them to a tee.

2. Why Hire Local Interns? High-Quality, Free Labor

It will not cost your company a pennyto hire local college interns. Most are required to complete internships in order to graduate. So, they understand from the start that they will be working for no pay.

But, they also know that performing well during internships typically leads to paid positions later. So, your free labor will be high-quality, as your intern strives to learn more and earn a job as your employee in the future.

3. Why Hire Local Interns? New, Creative, Innovative Ideas

College interns bring in new ideas that can be incorporated into the company. These ideas give birth to amazing projects that grow your company. Some interns jump right in and solve problems you have been working on for months within a short time.

This is because their thinking is fresh from what they have been taught in class in recent months. They are able to remember these teachings and practice them on-the-job as interns.

Plus, they are still in school. And, a good technical college will do what it takes to remain active forces in their lives during their internships with your company.

4. Why Hire Local Interns? Creating Awesome Full-Time Employees

When you need new staff members, you do not need to look far after hiring local interns. Because you have nurtured and groomed the skills of your interns to meet the needs of your brand, you have valuable candidates already on the team.

This is beneficial to the company as it will save you a lot of time from having to interview and train new people. Your interns have worked with you for some time. They are well acquainted with how most issues of the company are handled.

In actuality, local internship programs are effective ways of training employees before fully bringing them into the company as permanent, paid members of staff.

5. Why Hire Local Interns? They Accomplish the Impossible

The energy and new ideas that the interns bring into the company help them achieve that which you thought was impossible. They can work on big projects and bring in positive results. Interns will surprise you with how willing they are to put their all into projects and ensure success.

Do not be afraid of giving them big projects to work on as interns. Yes, they should have supervision, but give them the leeway to show you what they know.

Some of the projects that can be entrusted to interns include:

  • Recording production tasks
  • Live show production tasks
  • Digital filmmaking tasks
  • Video production tasks
  • Website design and development tasks
  • Application development tasks
  • Digital marketing tasks
  • Social media development tasks
  • Graphic design tasks

What Is a Virtual Internship?

The number of virtual internships out there is on the rise. Interns only need to check in with their supervisors a number of times in a week, usually online. This is advantageous to the interns as the job is now more flexible. They can work their job schedules around their school timetables.

With virtual internships, companies hire interns from different geographical locations. All they need are phones, laptops, and a good internet connections. This helps them:

  • Conduct the research required
  • Stay in communication with you
  • Share their work online

Some of the skills that will thrive well when it comes to virtual internships include social media management, marketing, and sales among others.

Virtual internships also benefit the employers because they do not have to furnish the office to accommodate these interns. They can hire as many interns as they want and not worry about office space for them.

These types of internships don’t work for all types of industries. But, when it comes to some creative technical fields, virtual interns can actually be the best way to go!

What Is the Employer’s Role in an Internship?

As an intern employer, you get free labor that does require something in return. It is your responsibility to ensure that your team helps nurture your intern’s skills. Here are some keys for success in that:

  • Assign work that is in line with their college major
  • Have a trainer that teaches them how the company operates
  • Be in an environment that is conducive for them to work well
  • Stay opened minded to hiring interns as paid employees in the future

For interns, working for your company opens up their eyes as to what their major entails. They learn about the kinds of jobs they can land from their field of study.

So, they learn early on whether they are content with what they are studying or if they need to venture into something different, without costing you a penny.

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