February 12, 2021


Considering a graphic design career? Something else in the design industry?

Think of the last product you picked up, saw on TV, or read about online.

Sure, you’re interested in the product because of how it satisfies your needs, but you probably wouldn’t have given it a second look if not for the efforts of the design team that made the real magic happen!

Graphic designers are the visual artists behind every successful ad, package, and promotion — and advertising is just one of the many services we as designers can offer. There are nearly endless opportunities available for designers in marketing, publishing, and print shops too. Interested in securing a graphic design career? Make sure you’re cut out for a design industry job with the help of today’s post!



If you’re wondering what it would be like to have a graphic design career, but are second-guessing yourself because you’re not on the same level as a famous artist or your design industry icon, it’s okay to cut yourself a little slack!

In order to become a graphic designer you’ll need more than just artistic ability. Truly effective design relies on good communication skills and the designer’s ability to translate the needs of the client into a design that accomplishes the result they desire. All of the pretty pictures and fancy fonts in the world can’t compare to something that has been crafted by a designer with the skills (both personal and technical) to create something that speaks to the target audience in a way that they just can’t ignore!


Time management is a vital skill to master if you’d like to become a graphic designer — doubly so if you choose to work as a freelancer (which about 1/3 of graphic designers do) and/or telecommute.

Maintaining a healthy balance between work and your personal life can be a challenge for any designer, though those who work from home find it hardest to “turn off” their work day and disconnect from it the same way that someone who works in an office or shop every day. This simply means that you’re going to need to be firm with yourself and make sure that you budget in plenty of play and rest time…. As long as you get your design industry work done, too.


If you want to become a graphic designer, it’ll take people skills.

You have to be able to communicate with your clients not only as a designer putting together a project brief, but also as a customer service rep for your brand (even if you’re a solo operation.) If you’re not all that fond of the general public, or aren’t sure you’re up to dealing with people who can present you with frustrating requests, then you might have a little difficulty settling into life as a graphic designer — don’t let anything discourage you if design is something that you truly enjoy, there are ways around everything, especially if your only potential problem is daily interactions with clients or customers.


Depending on which sources you look to, the median graphic design salary should easily top $45,000 by 2020, which is now less than 5 years away! This figure is an average which assumes that you’ve graduated with a degree in design and/or have worked in the industry long enough to have built up a decent portfolio of course.

Graphic design is a profession that is both challenging and rewarding. If you have a creative streak, are good at working with other people, and enjoy helping to connect people with the solutions to their problems, then a graphic design career just might be right for you!


F.I.R.S.T. Institute’s Graphic Design and Web Development Program will give you the tools to become a graphic designer in just 11 months. From a faculty made up of experienced design industry professionals to a broad spectrum of courses and a dedicated Career Development department, we give students access to everything they need to succeed in the design industry, both in class and on the job.

If you’d like to know more about our Graphic Design and Web Development school, please give us a call or send us an email! Our admissions team are standing by to answer any questions you might have.

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