February 12, 2016


Pinterest is an amazing tool for designers – it can be used to store inspiration and ideas for client projects, interact with other designers, or even become a part of a pitch or project bid!

Visual social media as a whole has helped creatives all over the world to collect, share, and discuss ideas and projects with Pinterest being by far the most useful platform of them all. Find out more about using Pinterest for graphic designers!


If you have a personal Pinterest account, you know how absolutely addictive it can be to scroll through the endless stream of eye-catching images, saving that mouth-watering recipe for dinner next week, or finding instructions for a craft project simple enough for the munchkins in your life to enjoy.

As a designer, Pinterest takes on an entirely new dimension, filled to the brim with professional possibilities!

Pinterest can easily become a digital scrapbook that you can fill with ideas and inspiration. Where you used to have a list of URLs in your browser’s bookmarks you now have a page filled with pictures of what each link leads to and a space to leave yourself a note about that page. For someone in a visually creative field, this is nothing short of amazing.

The option also exists to follow the accounts of other designers that you admire – you can follow everything they pin, or choose a few of their boards to follow instead. This way you can stay up to date on their work as well as sneak a peek into their creative process be seeing what they’re interested in and who they’re following!

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Social media is an ideal way to create a presence for yourself as a designer, and Pinterest is perfect for introducing yourself through your work and letting it speak for you. After you have uploaded some of your work (always check the Terms of Service before uploading anything anywhere to make sure you agree with how your work might be used, stored, etc) you can go on to commenting on the work of other designers! If you see something that really inspires you, or you discover an artist who is doing really good work, say so! Nothing will make them feel better (or make you look better!) than receiving a warm, sincere compliment from a fellow designer.

Pinterest offers users the ability to create group boards, where multiple users can join a board and add pins to it. These group boards are a great way to network with other designers and share things that you find interesting or inspirational – who knows, you might connect with someone who likes a lot of the same things and strike up a conversation with them.

When creating your own boards you will have the option of making them public or private. This can be a major benefit because while some of your pins of inspirational material can be public and a way to interact with other designers (or even clients!) you also have a way to create and maintain a collection of pins that are “for your eyes only” – maybe you’re collecting ideas for a big pitch for a client and don’t want anyone else to see what’s on your mind until you’re ready. Now you have a way!


Pinterest is still growing today, a fact that should demonstrate just how much value it has for anyone in a creative industry. More members means greater potential for someone out there to see your pins and click on your profile to learn more about you.

If you think of each pin as a potential lead generator, being a part of this particular social network becomes more attractive by the second.

Do you have an account yet?


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Using Pinterest for graphic designers.