November 10, 2016


After graduation, it’s time to start actively searching for a job. That means rigorously putting in applications and preparing for job interviews. Yes, you need to prepare for each individual one to be sure you’re prepared to woo and impress your interviewer. The best way to do this is to put yourself in the driver’s seat and take control of your job interview.

5 Tips to Take Control of Your Job Interview to Land the Job You Want

It’s really not that difficult to prepare yourself for a job interview. You want to be ready to answer questions at a whim and take control when necessary to ensure that you get your intended points across to the interviewer. Here are five tips to help you gain that control:

1. Get to Know the Company – Many times, interviewers ask candidates questions about their companies just to see how interested you really are in working for that brand. Researching the company, how it operates, its goals and visions, future plans, history, and even news and media reports help you determine just how you fit into the company’s team. You can then relay this information to the recruiter or hiring manager during your interview.

2. Approach It Offensively… Not Defensively – A defensive approach to interviewing allows you to answer questions as they’re asked passively. This approach may not get the information across that shows how valuable you are to the potential employer. Instead, you want to take a more offensive approach and take control of your job interview. Conduct your own interview with the interviewer to ensure that the company is a good fit for your career and future. Will you succeed there? Does the culture and management style comfortably fit your personality? Do you see potential room for growth?

3. Ask Lots and Lots of Questions – You want to show your enthusiasm for learning about the company, its future, and how you can be a part of it all. Some good questions to ask may be related to stock growth, annual sales growth predictions, outsourcing efforts, etc. This not only impresses the person interviewing you, but you can use this information to help further your career if the company offers you a position.

4. Discuss Your Skills and Goals – Of course, you want to be prepared to talk about the skills you possess that make you a good fit for the job. But did you know that it also helps to address skills listed in the job description that you do not have? Also, many interviewers like to discuss your short-term and long-term goals for the future to ensure that you fit into the company’s culture. Be prepared by having 5-year and 10-year career goals laid out.

5. Prepare At Least 3 Things You Want to Share – More than likely, there are some things you’d like the interviewer to know about you that will never cross her/his mind. Many people complete an interview, then regret not conveying this information later on when it’s too late. Be prepared by already having at least three things in mind ahead of time that you want to share. If questions aren’t asked that open up the door to this information, find opportunities to bring them up yourself. As long as you’re prepared, you can use this as an effective way to take control of your job interview.

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