October 15, 2018

Ever Thought About Hiring Interns for Your Video Production Project?

Despite the lack of job experience, interns are a surprisingly dedicated and loyal group. They have great potential as crewmembers. More people should consider hiring them for their video production projects, especially if the budget is strict. If you’re looking to be a video editor, check out this. Learn How To Become A Video Editor

The importance of hiring crewmembers for video projects can never be understated. Even with the best creative vision, making movies is a culminated effort of numerous people bringing that vision to life.

Because each role is important in the process of making a video, many people shrug off the idea of hiring inexperienced interns for their projects. Giving opportunities to people who hope to enter the field of video when they haven’t proven themselves is concerning for some people. They want to run their project like a well-oiled machine.

This can be quite costly!

Despite common assumptions, interns are reliable workers who give beyond their limits. They are an important asset on the video production team. More importantly, they can continue on future projects with the same team and bring even more experience to the table. A video production school like F.I.R.S.T. can lead to the opportunities you’re looking for.

Yes, interns work for free. But, that’s not because they aren’t quality crew members. It’s simply because they need your help getting their feet in the door.

Why Hire Interns: They Give 110% on Video Production Projects

The entertainment industry is a difficult field to get into these days. Everyone thinks they can make it because of an idea they had at one time or another. It’s important for veterans to weed out the naïve from the legitimately talented.

The doorway of opportunity may seem shut to everyone else. Studios leave it cracked for a select few to make their way. It may seem like trying to find a needle in a slightly small haystack. However, it’s a lot less difficult to find potential interns with the skills you need interested in applying.

Interns are aware of the lack of opportunities in the industry and the competition. This is why they do everything they can to prove they are worthy of being hired. They do their research and present themselves in the best way possible. These semi-professionals are trying to prove they’re willing to be taught the most difficult things and have the most important of responsibilities.

They know the assumptions made about them in society as “mere” interns. Their inexperience is equivalent to clumsiness to many. Potential employers worry about their inability to understand something they’ve never done before.

But, the truth is, interns will stick their boot in the doorway until they get a chance at being hired. Even at the risk of breaking a foot. And, they won’t hesitate to break a leg to prove their skills and loyalty on any video production project.

Why Hire Interns: They Are SKILLED, Unpaid, Potential Employees

Are you concerned about having an intern working for you because they don’t understand everything about the video production process? Well, that’s why it’s important to make sure you hire interns from local schools with great reputations. That way, you can be at ease knowing they understand what it takes to put an entire video together… from start to finish.

Video production schools encourage students to apply for internships. Many require it before students can graduate. These salary-free JOBS help students gain real-world experience, while polishing and nurturing knowledge and skills they gained from the college or trade school.

To prepare their students properly, these schools drill into their brains the fact that they need to bring their A-game above all else. Interns are taught to be prepared to tackle any and all tasks, big and small. Plus, with a little freedom, they are prepared to think outside the box when asked, even with last-minute decisions.

These unpaid workers also know many studios, artists and video makers who offer internships are looking to test the basics. They go by the logic of, “If I can’t trust you with something as simple as coffee, how can I trust you as an employee?”

They know proving their worth in anyarea helps solidify their chances of being hired after their internship is over. And, to an intern, that equates to success!

Intern Hiring Isn’t Knowledge-Based… It’s Personality-Based

Hiring an intern based on what they know isn’t a very reasonable factor, especially if they’re graduates or students at a quality video production school. Students and graduates apply for internships because they want job experience. They seek experience they may never get in school for the careers they are pursuing.

So, how do you go about interviewing and hiring the right intern for your video production project?

During an intern’s interview, focus on questions to show their personality off instead of their passion or knowledge of making videos. It helps you to decide if they are serious about giving 110%, or if it’s lifeless rhetoric.

Focus on whether or not they’re serious about their life’s choices and their futures. This helps weed out the candidates who are clearly unfit for your project. You want to create lifelong business relationships with your interns if possible. Make sure you hire someone you can work with on your video production crew for the long run.

You Don’t Want to Pass Up on Hiring a Good Intern

When an internship is over, and you haven’t fired your intern, that’s a pretty big deal. More than likely, it is a sign you should go ahead and hire them full-time or for your next video project. You spent time training and educating this awesome unpaid employee on your project. It only makes sense that you keep them on for future projects.

Once they’ve completed their internship with you, now they can be swiped up by rival video producers. Even studios seeking to hire for entry-level positions may be interested simply because you gave them the experience they needed to finally get paid employment.

Why wouldn’t you hire someone who understands how you operate and the entire video producing process, thanks to you and your crew?

Luis Lasanta: The GLAD Empire Success Story

Take Luis Lasanta, for example. This F.I.R.S.T. Institute graduate began his job hunt trying to find internships. It took a couple of months of footwork, knocking on doors, sending out emails and networking. But, eventually, he got a call from GLAD Empire, a very successful digital distribution, management and artist development firm.

He took his classroom knowledge and hands-on experience, along with the interviewing skills he learned from the F.I.R.S.T. Institute Career Development Department and interviewed for the internship. GLAD Empire liked him so much, and were so impressed with his skills, that the Orlando firm hired the local graduate as a full-time recording engineer on the spot!

That speaks success for Luis Lasanta, GLAD Empire, and F.I.R.S.T. Institute! Starting a video production career can be just a phone call away.

How to Find Video Production Interns Near Orlando, FL

Interested in finding quality interns in the Orlando area for your next project. Have a chat with one of the Career Development Advisors at F.I.R.S.T. Institute. Their quality interns and employees from the Digital Filmmaking & Video Production program would love to interview.

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