March 18, 2020

Fast Masking in Photoshop | F.I.R.S.T. Quick Tips

In this new video series, our Graphic Design instructor Brandon walks you through a core concept of Adobe Photoshop in less than two minutes. Here, he teaches you how to quickly mask objects and “cut them out” of the background!




Quick Selection Tool

You can click on the Quick Select tool from the toolbar, or simply hit W on your keyboard. Now, by clicking and dragging your cursor on an object in your image, the program will automatically attempt to outline the edges and remove it from the background. Use the bracket keys to make your cursor larger or smaller, to more efficiently select what you want to mask.


The program is not perfect, and it may make mistakes in selecting the object’s outline. It’s a good idea to go back in after making your initial selection and “clean up” the outline, by holding the option key – this allows you to “unselect” portions of your mask.


From there, click the “Mask” button in the Layers panel, and you’re finished! You’ve cut your subject out of the background.