November 12, 2014


The film making industry consists of numerous different types of jobs. A film editor job is one for those who are dedicated to perfecting the art put together by actors, directors and producers. That means putting in long hours, working alone and meeting strict deadlines.

To some, this sounds like hard work. But, to people who were born for these types of film careers, this dedication comes naturally. Film editors are the professionals behind the movies projects. They must be able to communicate well with others so the end results will match the dreams of the other artists on the projects.

It takes a great film editor to put aside desires for personal acclaim to get the job done right. You’ll also need to be dedicated enough to your craft to keep up with the ever-changing technology behind it. If this sounds promising, then a film editor job is the right career move for you.


The number one skill you will need as a film editor is the ability to pay attention to detail. Without that, the movie will turn out with horrible quality. Not only will you let the actors, producers and directors down, the audience watching the film will be greatly disappointed.

So, to help you understand more about being a good film editor, here are some of the skills you need for the job:

  • Have knowledge about movie production and the film making industry
  • Know how to use film editing equipment, and be willing to stay up-to-date with innovative technologies
  • Possess a “good eye” for special effects and various types of camera angles, as well as knowledge of various audio effects
  • Have ability to remain focused when working alone on tedious project work during a film editor job
  • Possess excellent interpersonal skills in order to be able to work well with music producers, film producers, special effects experts, sound editors, cinematographers and directors
  • Able to follow a personal commitment and code of ethics to follow the vision set forth by the film director, as opposed to inserting your own artistic statements in the finished product
  • Ability to deal with crisis situations and high-stress environments in a calm manner
  • Willingness to put in very long hours in order to complete high-priority, rush assignments
  • Committed to producing excellent, high-quality film editing work, as well as continuously improving your film editor job skills


Getting a film editing job can be simple if you have the skills needed to compete in this field of the film making industry. But, to be truly successful as a film editor, you need knowledge, education and hands-on training.

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