December 21, 2014


If you are a fan of the late, great, legendary Alfred Hitchcock, you already know the amazing films he has crafted throughout his years as a filmmaker. He has been around and proved how film making should be done. On that note, when Alfred Hitchcock Speaks, viewers, others film makers and fans tend to listen.


Here are four film making tips from one of the most unique film producers in the business:

  1. “Make Your Audience Suffer” – This tip might be one of the most telling about how Alfred Hitchcock speaks in regards making films for his fans. He wants viewers to be scared, nervous, and feel like they are actually in his films. You should to “touch” your audience like that, even if the emotions you want your fans to feel is different. If you are willing to dig deep in order to touch your fans’ emotions, it will show in your work. And, you will have a successful film making career.
  2. Market Your Work – Hitchcock felt that when you put a new film out you have to be a salesman about it. It is important for other people to know about your films, and the only way to do that is through promotions. You have to come on strong, with a light nudge in the right direction. This method will get people flocking to see your films.
  3. Do What Works for You – Alfred Hitchcock speaks at length about doing what suits your style. You have to establish what you are best at, and roll with it. When you build up a particular style, people will expect that style from you all the time. There is nothing wrong with switching it up, but hold on to your roots.
  4. Get an Emotional Response – It is a great idea for you to focus on getting that much-needed emotional response from your viewers. They want to see a movie that is like no other they’ve ever seen. You want viewers to watch your film and give a response that is unforgettable. That is one of the best parts of making movies… being able to bring that emotion to light without ever being present.


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