December 15, 2014


Stephen Spielberg is known as one of the best film directors in the history of movies. He is complex, interesting, and most of all, knows how to draw in a crowd. If you ask any big name film director, they will say when Stephen Spielberg speaks, people tend to listen.

Stephen Spielberg Speaks: 4 Tips from a Legendary Filmmaker

The reason people listen to Spielberg goes beyond his expertise in filmmaking. It’s also his brain. He is responsible for some of the greatest plot lines in history. He is the filmmaking expert who brought us such classics as Jurassic Park, Jaws, and E.T. It’s plots like these that give him this legendary status. The question is, what tips does he have for new filmmakers?

  1.  Throw Your Assumptions Away – This tip goes out to new film directors that are often self – conscious about their work. You are going to feel that way about every film you do throughout the years. It is only natural. The best thing you can do is just see what happens when you suggest the idea.
  2.  Have a Strong Team –  Stephen Spielberg speaks about the messy process of a new filmmaking career. There is little to no time to appreciate those you work around during the filmmaking process. That is something you need to start doing early if you want to make it big. Appreciate the people that are around you and help each other grow. It makes the business go so much smoother.
  3.  Watch the Budget – If you are one of those young filmmakers who thinks that having a huge budget is going to help you, think again. Spielberg believes that movies are being ruined by huge budgets, and it is taking away from the movie making experience. What is the point of having a movie full of awesome special effects if the plot and acting are terrible?
  4.  It is All Worth it – Stephen Spielberg speaks to aspiring film directors about the crazy stressful process of making it big. To him, it’s well worth it. There are hurdles to overcome, people to prove wrong, and your reputation is on the line. When you take these things and bring them all together, it is a truly satisfying feeling that is unmatched in most other industry careers.

Additional Filmmaking Tips From Stephen Spielberg

If you want to make it big, you need to do more than listen when Stephen Spielberg speaks. You need to take action for yourself. One of the best ways to do this is to go to film directing school. It will help you learn new tips and tricks, plus you can meet and network with important people in the business.

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