October 15, 2018

Finally Found Out You Can’t Sing? Well, You Can Still Be in the Music Business!

Did you recently come to the realization that you can’t sing, yet you still have a passion for music? Well, there are a number of different careers you can explore in the music industry even if you can’t sing a note. You do not have to quit the business just because you don’t have the vocals. From becoming a music producer to audio engineering or sound technician, there’s a wide range of music industry jobs you can start your career in.

13 Jobs in the Music Industry for People Who Can’t Sing

Here are a 13 jobs people without skills can successfully conquer in the music business:

1. Music Industry Jobs: Radio Host

The job of a radio host is to play music and interview people from different walks of life. You also air voice commercials and express yourself in a way that is likable to your audience.

To nail this, you have to be someone with an impeccable personality. It is helpful if you possess the ability to associate with people well.

As a radio host, you are required to have additional skills. You should know how to manage guest bookings and how to operate the ‘board’ equipment. There are other people related skills you should have as well.

You will be in the field a lot attending different events besides being on the air.

2. Music Industry Jobs: Booking Agent

Most musicians do not have time for the business aspects of their job. Obviously, it is also really hard for organizers to get in touch with the musicians directly. They have very busy schedules.

This is where the career of a booking agent thrives. You work with the organizers to plan the events. Your job would be to take care of the necessary bookings and purchases required.

Music talent booking agents are usually paid in commissions from the events.

3. Music Industry Jobs: Manager

As a manager, you are required to handle your client’s business. You will be responsible for:

  • Managing their new projects
  • Confirming your client has enough security
  • Promoting new projects
  • Setting up meetings
  • Much more

The success of your client depends on your hard work.

4. Music Industry Jobs: Stage Manager

A stage manager is generally in charge of all activities happening on the stage at any event. The main task is to ensure that everyone is happy. You will cover all stage tasks, including checking to make sure it has been set up correctly with the right lights.

It will also be your job to confirm the audio system is working well to checking if the performers have enough water. There are no small tasks for the stage managers.

This is an important job for a stage manager. You cannot afford to mess up. Messing up one thing can make a client unhappy and they might not return the next time they are on tour.

5. Music Industry Jobs: Concert Promoter

Venturing into a concert promoter career is very risky. Your pay at the end of the day depends on the success of the event. You will be required to have a thorough knowledge of finance. Your main job is to look for investors for your events.

Coming up with a realistic plan, a budget for it and sticking to it should be high on your talent and skills list. This shows investors your commitment and they will be more convinced to invest in your event. Some of the funds come from your own pocket so you have to be careful.

You will make sure the event succeeds so you don’t suffer a financial loss.

6. Music Industry Jobs: DJ

If you are good with playing music on a stereo or MP3 player, there are high chances you will make a great DJ. There are DJ schools where you can grow your gift and use it as a full-time career.

7. Music Industry Jobs: Open a Recording Studio

With the right amount of space and money, you can set-up a recording studio. Then, you could rent out your space to upcoming artists to practice and make their music. You make an income by charging these musicians for recording their songs and using your space.

Hiring a sound engineer would be extremely beneficial in this venture.

8. Music Industry Jobs: Sound Engineer

The work of a sound engineer is to mix recordings of songs and to come up with the final product. With time, you will learn a thing or two.

Eventually, you could find yourself opening up your own recording studio.

9. Music Industry Jobs: Music Journalist

This is a flexible job that has you working at any time. Your articles are posted online on blogs or in newspapers. As you grow in this field, you explore being a freelance writer that works for many publications.

You can do reviews on concerts and albums, promote upcoming artists and publish these on different forums.

10. Music Industry Jobs: Publicist

A publicist hypes up an activity by talking about it with the media:

  • Radio
  • TV stations
  • Magazines

This creates awareness of the activity, sharing it with the general public. Publicists make sure as many people hear about the particular activity as possible.

It sells-out and in turn, they are able to grow their profile.

11. Music Industry Jobs: Lawyer

Music is a business that requires a lot of legal representation. Being an entertainment lawyer is a really good career. Your job will be to draw up the contracts and work on the musician’s creative rights.

As an entertainment lawyer, your clients can be managers or artists.

12. Music Industry Jobs: Songwriter

You may not have the vocals to sing but you may possess the talent to write. If this is you, songwriting is the way to go. Many musicians are talented singers but are poor at writing.

They often rely on songwriters to get them amazing lyrics.

13. Music Industry Jobs: Equipment Sales

You can sell or rent out music equipment to be used during events. The equipment you sell ranges from drums and guitars to headphones and recording tools.

Music Business Internships & Jobs in Orlando, Florida

These are just 13 careers you can launch in the music business, even if you have no musical talent whatsoever. But, your big break may not come immediately. Having proper training and getting your foot in the door are steps in the right direction towards an awesome career in the music business. Getting your music business degree doesn’t have to be difficult.

If you have no experience, you can gain all you need to launch your new career at a technical college. F.I.R.S.T. Institute is a music school with a Recording Arts and Show Production program that churns our winners!

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