October 15, 2018

How to Find the Right Producer for Your Talents and Music

You may be experienced in the music industry. Maybe you’ve produced a number of songs and made appearances at different events. Yet, you still feel like your music is lacking in one aspect or another. All you might need is a good producer! But, searching for a high-quality producer is not all that easy. There’s a lot that music producers do. Local talent and music producers exist all over your community. It’s just a matter of finding and connecting with them.

5 Tips to Find High-Quality Talent & Music Producers in Your Local Area

Here are five ways to look for the best local producer to help with your music and other creative projects:

1. Finding Local Producers: Ask Other Musicians

First thing to do – talk to other musicians! Ask which producers they worked with when making their own music. They can provide you with a number of names of local producers. Conduct a background check on them. Attend any music-related events happening in your local area. You may get an opportunity to meet up with the producers on the ground and in person. Social media is a good place to find local producers. Listen to music from the musicians in your area. If you like it, find out who their producers are and start networking with them.

2. Finding Local Producers: Contact Local Studios

Search for local studios in your area and pay them a visit. Make calls or write emails to inquire about the producers they work with regularly. Looking for producers through established local studios is beneficial in many ways. You know they will have access to the right equipment needed to produce your music. Plus, they are locals like you, so they also know and love your audience.

3. Finding Local Producers: Visit Local Gear Shops

The kind of gear you use is quite crucial in music production. Try to have access to the best you can afford. Gear shops are a great place to meet up with other musicians and even music teachers. They can teach you a thing or two you may not be versed in when it comes to production equipment. Music teachers are well connected too. They have access to the best producers found within your local market. There’s always many job openings for music producers, so talent is always being searched for. Many of these teachers are producers themselves!

4. Finding Local Producers: Research Successful Local Bands

Look for the local bands in your community that already have followings and fans. Find out who their producers are and how to contact them. Chances are, the producers are available right in your local area. If not, some big producers from your town are open to working with upcoming artists, no matter where they’re located. That is, if they believe your project is promising. Also, when you search for the local bands, look for those within your genre, or genres needed for your specific project. It will be easier to explain what you are looking for creatively from these producers. Use examples of the band’s music.

5. Now, you can look for producers: Use Music Producer Networks

Now, you can look for producers through networks created specifically for producers. This makes it easier to find the local producers. You have the option of searching for a specific producer, by typing in their name. The networks give you all the information you need about the producers:
  • Where they are located
  • How you can contact them
  • Who they have worked with before
  • Their level of experience
From here, you can choose the one that you like best and hit them up.

The Ideal Guide to Finding the Best Producer

You may really need to bring a producer on board to help your music career. As a musician or manager, you should know which genre you want to venture in, and exactly how you want your music to sound. Then, you will be able to easily explain what you want to the producer. Many producers work with different sounds, and mistakes can be made along the way during production. Knowing exactly what you want will make correcting such mistakes easier. It will also be beneficial to work with a producer that specializes in your genre of music.

Qualities to Search for in a Producer

Where the producer is located, and the level of experience are two important qualities you should not gamble with when searching for a producer for your project. If you are working on your music from the beginning stages, you want a producer within your local community. Traveling long distances to meet up with the producer on a regular basis will cost a lot of money in terms of transport and accommodation. Choosing a producer with the right experience is the best thing you can do for your career. A producer with enough experience will understand exactly what you want fast. They will work towards giving you the best version of what you are working towards. This helps convert your thoughts and ideas to the best-finished product. It will leave you feeling very pleased with yourself.

 Questions to Ask Potential Producers

  • Can I see a portfolio of your previous work?
  • What musicians have you worked with in the past?
  • What is your level of experience at this time?
  • How much will you charge me for this project?

Sharing Royalty and Status Rights

In the event your producer helps write your lyrics, you need to talk about the royalty and status rights before the project moves any further. Make sure there is a fair and legal agreement between both of you… in writing. Finding the right producer is like finding the right shoe. If it does not fit, it’s just not for you. If you find you are not happy with the work your current producer is doing, (and you did not sign a contract) continue your search and find the best producer. A good producer should be someone you trust and somebody you can relate to easily. But, most importantly, someone that will give you the best results possible.

Where to Find High-Quality Producers in Florida

One of the best places to find high-quality trained producers is at a local technical college that specializes in Recording Arts and Show Production. F.I.R.S.T. Institute is a reputable trade school in Orlando, FL that offers this hands-on program. We’re one of the top music production schools in the country. Students learn using cutting edge production equipment and software technology. Hiring graduates from F.I.R.S.T. means adding an employee to your team who knows the art of production. You can also turn to F.I.R.S.T. for student internships for your project and help make a difference in a local student’s life. We can also help you land your first music production internship. Plus, interns work for essentially free. All you have to provide is guidance and a project worth working on in the production field. Contact F.I.R.S.T. Institute or call (888) 9-FIRST-1 about finding the right producer for your paid or internship project in Orlando today. UCG RASP Banner