October 15, 2018

Mistakes to Watch Out for When Hiring Mobile App Designers

Great mobile apps share similarcharacteristics. They look elegant, are easy to use and accomplish tasks as needed. Bad apps are the opposite of this. If your business needs a mobile app designer, we have some tips to help you weed out the lower quality candidates.

Anysmartphone or tablet user can tell the difference a well-designed and a poor-function mobile application. You want to be sure that your brand’s app meets the standards you deserve, and your end users expect.

According to Leo Tolstoy in Anna Karenina: “Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its way.”

Similarly, this is also true for mobile apps.

8 Common Mistakes Mobile App Designers Make

There are some common mistakes many app developers make. When hiring a mobile app designer for your company of project, be on the lookout through the interview and screening process for those who may have these eight common downfalls:

1. Common Mobile App Developer Issues: No Consistency

It is essential for every app developer to present a design language and stick to it. The design involves how the mobile app works. The design is also how it looks and should appeal to the user. Set standards for how users navigate through the pages and menus of the app.

Set a standard for the user interface and how thebuttons work. Keep in mind the smaller user interface details such as pop-ups, which others don’t keep in mind.

After setting the standard look and feel of the platform of your choice, stick to it as much as possible. Be sure to remain consistent. This way, it is easier to learn how the app works and will keep the app users coming back.

2. Common Mobile App Developer Issues: Over-Designing

When designing a mobile app, you are allowed to be ruthless. Do away with the extra visuals and other meaningless elements. The design is about what you don’t include, as well as what you do. The sooner you begun paring your app interface, the better.

Too much text on the screen doesn’t mean the app is self-explainable or user-friendly. There are a lot of aspects that makea great user interface.

Mobile app developers must think like Steve Jobs. You are only donewhen it’s as simple as it could possibly be. Or Michelangelo, who sculpted by getting rid of the marble around his shape of choice.

3. Common Mobile App Developer Issues: Poor Speed

Your app users don’t care if you’re running data on a 2G or 4G connection. They don’t care whether the app animation is sick of stunted mobile CPU syndrome. These are some of the problems you might deal with after beta testing. The final app released to the app store should have no bugs whatsoever.

Perform long loading animation tests. But, check on the large images and backgrounds that require loading and storage.

The app should allow cancelation of operations that take longer to finish. It should also load the least amount of data needed for the next interface. If you want, preload the information your users might request next.

4. Common Mobile App Developer Issues: Bad Verbiage

Nearly all mobile apps that look immature, or have bugs share a thing or two in common. They are exhaustively over-designed. They also tested to detect text and menus that are needlessly wordy.

More detailed directions only show that your app is not easy to use and not as straightforward as it should be for end users. It is essential to re-think and seek second opinions. Every developer should have someone on the team to help document everything.

5. Common Mobile App Developer Issues: Unorganized App

If you love the power of your app, it won’t happen if you are”stuffing the app” or overdoing the design. That’s just wasting time.

For instance, Bump is an app used to share data between two or more phones easily and quickly. Initially, the app allowed transfers of music, photos, contacts and more.

Most of its users didn’t know what to think when developers stripped all the functions out of Bump. They only enabled transfer of photos and contact information. And just like that, the app took off.

This tip is SIMPLE. Your app should be:

  • Easy to use
  • Simple to understand
  • Marketable to your target market

6. Common Mobile App Developer Issues: Non-standard Interaction

Mobile apps are platforms that represent a wide range of characteristics. They make users develop comfort and familiarity in that ecosystem. Users on various platforms know what they are expecting and make use of whatever they get.

Thisis Mac’s biggestadvantage over the Windowsplatform. They have a more standard human interface guiding principle.

It is essentialto know your platform. Put into consideration standard actions the users expect to know. Great platforms do amazing things when fingers are swipedfrom across the display. Otherwise, keep everything simple, elegant and full of value.

7. Common Mobile App Developer Issues: Use of Background Images

Make use of background images and text on mobile apps. This helps users understand exactly what the app does and how to use it.

Remember, your app is supposed to fulfill a need for your users. So, be sure to add UI elements to make it look and perform awesome.

8. Common Mobile App Developer Issues: No Help/FAQ Page

There is absolutely no way you can save the reputation of a mobile app that’s confusing and doesn’t have a FAQ or Help button. Once you have a poor design and a confusing app, that’s it. You can only blow it off or go back to the drawing board.

But, this will cost you, the person hiring the mobile app developer, both time and money. So, make sure you test your app, and have it tested by a controlled group. That way, together you can come up with valuable questions and answers to add to your FAQ/Help page.

Download and use some of the top-rated apps. Check out how everyone of them works, and how they make you feel. Compare that user experience with what happens with your app. You might realize you still have a long way to go.

How to Hire a Mobile App Developer

You can avoid these common mistakes involved in mobile app development by simply hiring an intern from a local technical school. This allows you to hire a trained developer with the professional skills you need for a successful project.

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Many F.I.R.S.T. interns go on to become valuable employees, thanks to their great training and developed skills. What a great way to try out a new app developer for free, while transforming the student into the future employee you need on your team.

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