May 7, 2015

Our 3 Best Tips For Starting A Career In Film & TV

Job hunting after graduation from film school can seem like a daunting task that no one really wants to have to deal with. Getting on the road towards starting a career in film and tv doesn’t have to be all boredom and stress, though! There are plenty of things that you can do to prepare for your first job in film and make a good impression while you’re at it, and today we’re offering you the advice that the best film schools offer their students!

Finding a career in film doesn’t have to be tricky! If you’re prepared and dedicated to the search, landing a job in film, tv, or filmmaking can be as easy as following these 3 steps:


When you’re just starting out, you’re probably not going to get to be the director’s assistant, but nothing says that you can’t get in on the ground floor as a runner! Think fetching coffee and acting as an interoffice courier is beneath you? Think again! Even an unpaid internship can be an amazing opportunity if you handle things correctly. If you find yourself doing things that a paid employee should be doing, bring that up to your supervisor and see what it would take to get on the payroll now that you have some experience.


Networking is something of an art form. If you don’t do it, then no one is going to know that you’re out there looking for ways to make a name for yourself. But if you do it too often or with too much force, you run the risk of people writing you off as too pushy. Don’t lose hope, though! There is a way to embrace networking without looking needy: introduce yourself and be polite, and be sincere in your praise. If the person you’re talking to can’t help you, thank them genuinely for their time and ask if they know someone who might be able to help you instead.


Forgive the pun, but it’s true. If you sit around waiting for the perfect opportunity to come along, you’re going to be waiting a long time. The trick to succeeding in the Film & Video industry is to always be in search of ways to improve yourself, showcase your talent and skills, and learn new things. If you have to start at the bottom doing something other than your true passion, don’t dismiss the potential that’s there. You can’t catch anyone’s eye if you can’t even get your foot in the door!

Starting a career in film or television can be an adventure in the making if you open yourself up to new experiences and don’t let yourself get stressed out by the little things.


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