November 10, 2016


Being an entrepreneur can be both rewarding and exhausting at the same time. There will be both ups and downs, good days and bad. The rewards can be huge, but so can the losses if you’re not prepared to do what it takes to succeed. If you’re ready to make sacrifices and put in the work, your small business can become an entrepreneurial dream. However, you need to be prepared to handle both the pros and cons of being an entrepreneur.

The Good, Bad, Pros, and Cons of Being an Entrepreneur

Let’s discuss some of the good and bad of running your own business as an entrepreneur successfully:

The Pros of Being an Entrepreneur

  • Work for Yourself – This means answering to no one but yourself. You are your own boss, and you make the final decisions related to running your business.
  • Potential for Limitless Revenue – Working on a job means earning the allotted amount for the position, and not a penny more. As an entrepreneur, the amount of money you earn is completely up to you, since you pay yourself.
  • Freedom to Travel – As long as things are in order at the workplace, and your funds allow it, you’re free to travel whenever your schedules permit. And since you create your own schedule, this is definitely a benefit of being an entrepreneur.
  • Meet Like-Minded Professionals – It can be very beneficial meeting other entrepreneurs to network with, even if they’re not in your industry. They can help you with ideas, tools for budgeting and accounting, advertising and marketing tips, health care for entrepreneurs, etc…
  • Flexible Work Schedules – This is one of the most common pros of becoming an entrepreneur. You get to choose the days and hours you work, so you can still successfully juggle family life and other important relationships and commitments.
  • Control the Work – Another benefit of being an entrepreneur is that you have full control over the type of work your brand performs. You also have the ability to outsource some of that work to others, although you’re still 100% responsible for the quality of that work.

The Cons of Being an Entrepreneur

  • Excessive Work Hours – Unlike working on a job, the hours you’ll put in as an entrepreneur will be extreme. You’ll work harder than just about everyone you know trying to create a successful brand. This is one of the most common cons of being an entrepreneur.
  • Always on Call – When trying to get a new business off the ground, there won’t be extra funds to hire emergency personnel. Therefore, when there’s an emergency with a client, you are the go-to person. So in essence, new entrepreneurs are always on call.
  • Increased Stress Levels – Running your own business can be stressful simply because everything falls on you. You’re in charge of marketing, advertising, sales, customer services, buying cycles, processes, employees, human resources, vendors, stock, inventory, and everything else related to keeping your business afloat. Therefore, make sure you’re doing something you’re passionate about in life.
  • Financial Sacrifices – Another one of the cons of being an entrepreneur is that all business-related expenses and overhead costs are your responsibility. There will be times when sales are low, and your finances will reflect this. Be prepared to make personal sacrifices so you can afford to keep your business running until finances turn around for you.

Even though there are both pros and cons of being an entrepreneur, most people seem to find it rewarding. Yes, it will take a lot of time, energy, hard work, persistence, and dedication to become a successful entrepreneur. But with the right attitude and education, you can do it!

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