February 12, 2016


These days, attending school can be hectic for students with super busy schedules. Taking web design online courses gives busy people the flexibility needed to attend school according to their own schedules. But, does a web-based web design education provide students with the interactive and engaging forum they need to learn to create functional responsive websites? When researching schools for web design, keep in mind these disadvantages of taking web design online courses.

Many people choose online learning simply because they think there’s less work involved than classroom learning. But, that’s not the case. Online courses require much more work because students must prove they’re just as active in the courses as those stepping inside classrooms. Plus, these students don’t get that one-on-one face time with the teachers or their fellow classmates. The future of your web design career is at stake! Don’t get locked into the trap of taking web design online courses.


There are numerous options to help you get the schooling you need to learn how to make a website professionally. But, for those hoping to become savvy web designers, taking web design online courses may not be a good choice. Here are four disadvantages of attending online schools for web design to prepare for your new web design career:

1. They’re Much More Work Than Traditional Courses – In the classroom, students are able to show their progress (and weak areas) through class discussions, raising their hands, asking and answering questions, facial expressions, etc. They put in actual time and many hours per week learning the material. Online students are expected to prove that they’re putting in the same amount of time. Because there’s no actual clock involved, students prove their hours by turning in even more assignments than traditional students.

2. There is No One to Hold You Accountable – Because you can study in the comfort of your own home, it takes some serious self-discipline to excel at online schools for web design. That means trying to attend online classes with all of the daily home life distractions all around you. Oftentimes, students need an authority figure at the head of the class keeping them on track and holding them accountable.

3. You’ll Experience Too Many Distractions – When you’re in a classroom setting, everyone is attentive and ready to get some work done. But, with online schooling, there are daily, unexpected distractions everywhere… from the mailman and the neighbors, to the kids and the people in Starbucks, the phone ringing, or the doorbell. Sometimes, the only way to keep the distractions at bay is to isolate yourself, like within your classroom surrounded by other students who are as focused on learning the necessities to get a web design career as you are.

4. There is No Face-to-Face Engagement – It’s possible to create and build relationships with instructors and classmates in an online course but it’s not easy by any means. And, if you do, there’s no face-to-face time, so being interactive is a bit impersonal. This cuts back on important networking time, which is much more valuable in person.


Ready to get started on your new web design career? You’ll need to know more than just how to make a website. Here at F.I.R.S.T. Institute, we strive every day to be of service to our students and provide them with the very best that we can offer — from a faculty made up of experienced design industry professionals to a broad spectrum of courses and a dedicated Career Development department, we do all we can to ensure that our students receive the best possible web design education opportunities.

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The Disadvantages of Taking Web Design Online.