April 29, 2015


When you’re considering careers in film, or more specifically a video editing career, it can seem like there are a lot of things you need to do before you ever set foot inside of a classroom! Attending a film and video school is definitely an important step, but the very first thing you should do is very simple. You need to answer this question: What is my ultimate goal?


Defining your goals is the first step on the path to a successful career as a video editor! Short term, medium term, and long term goals will act as check points on the path to your ultimate goal of finding a filmmaking or film industry career. Think of these goals as destinations on a trip — traveling without a map and hoping you wind up where you want to be doesn’t sound like much of a plan!

In the short term, look for ways to gain experience. Nothing should be immediately discounted, and the best film schools will help you connect with these internship and job opportunities.


Seek out your local public access TV stations and ask if you can intern with them. You’ll be working without pay in most cases, but in exchange you’ll get experience that will look great on your resume. The same can be said for trying for an internship with a local news station or any place else that would need video editing done.

By no means are we saying that you should always work for free on the promise of simply gaining experience, but if you are entering the market and exploring careers in film without any current and relevant experience, few employers will give your resume more than a glance before tossing it away. You likely won’t be able to secure a video editing career without some internship experience under your belt!

Some people even say that you should look for any job in a studio or station that you can get, even if it’s a janitor’s slot. Once you’re in the door somehow, you’ll have a world of opportunities open to you that weren’t there before, and they could lead to a career as a video editor. We’d recommend at least shooting for something that would get you within eyesight and earshot of someone higher up in the food chain if you choose to go this route — maybe be the person who takes files back and forth, or brings the infamous coffee and doughnuts to distribute to the staff.


Every decision you make should be considered with your ultimate goal in mind. Always think, “How can this get me to where I want to be? Will this eventually lead to a career as a video editor?” While you might be called on to do a variety of things, don’t get tangled up in something that’s going to “waste” time that should be spent in reaching your destination!


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