When it comes to further your graphic design career, there’s an endless amount of options you’ll have to consider.

Graphic designers have their work cut out for them when they strike out on their own and begin to make their mark — the design industry is constantly changing which makes standing out and getting noticed a challenge.

One of the most popular pieces of advice for designers of all experience levels is to offer something of value to the public in order to get their name out there in a positive way. What better way to share your wit, wisdom, and talent in your graphic design career than to start a blog? Having a dedicated graphic design blog can certainly further your graphic design career!


A graphic design blog is a great way to increase your online presence. With the increasing weight being given to social signals by search engines, every post you make could be one more mark in your favor.

If you have any social media accounts you use to promote your design work, your graphic design blog can provide plenty of opportunities to share your thoughts and freebies across multiple platforms!

You can also use your graphic design blog to supplement your portfolio — now you have the perfect way to share any projects that didn’t quite make the cut to be included in your shareable portfolio.

Through your blog posts you can share your works in progress and showcase your process. Many prospective employers and clients are eager to see how a designer thinks and how they approach their projects.


People love free stuff — they also love taking the path of least resistance.

If you can give them something that saves them time and effort, you’re okay in their book!

Freebies are a fantastic branding opportunity because of this — if you’re a Photoshop pro and can create and share an action that turns hours of work into a few mouse clicks, designers the world over will be singing your praises…. And sharing your blog posts so that their friends can come download your goodies, too.

If you’re in the know and can approach things from an outside perspective, you could publish short brochures addressing common issues clients face that graphic design could help solve — whether or not someone hires you after reading your content or not, they’ll remember where they got the information for sure.

Who knows, they might even share what they’ve learned with a friend or business associate who has a problem that you’re in a prime position to help them solve.


Bottom line: a graphic design blog absolutely can help take your design industry career to the next level.

If you’re not a world-class writer, don’t stress! Most clients and employers aren’t looking for someone with a silver tongue, they just want to see that you know how to share your thoughts and receive feedback on your designs.


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