Meet Digital Filmmaking & Video Production instructor Brian Pitts in our Film Faculty Spotlight edition of Creativity Meets Career. As a television producer (and a graduate in Media Production), Pitts knows the film industry inside out, from the academic to the practical to the professional.



A graduate of FSU with a B.A. in Media Production and Film Studies, Pitts began his career working with Seminole Productions, filming and directing broadcast sports. He went on to produce the 5 O’Clock News at WMBB News 13 in Panama City, where he also led the station’s commercial production team. He has also worked as a freelance producer, helping local businesses get their messages out loud and clear. Recently, Pitts has worked on a variety of projects, from the paranormal documentary “Dead Air” to Mitt Romney’s “Get Out the Vote” campaign.


Pitts’ favorite aspects of teaching in the Digital Filmmaking and Video Production program are the hands-on classes, the direct interaction with the students, and the enthusiasm amongst his colleagues in training the next generation of filmmakers! After F.I.R.S.T. Institute’s 11-month, comprehensive program, Pitts is confident that students will have all the skills necessary to secure an entry-level position in any area of the film and video industry.

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