Let Michelle Hill explain what makes the Digital Filmmaking and Video Production Program at F.I.R.S.T. Institute tick in this edition of Film Faculty Spotlight. As the Film Program Director, Hill oversees students from the planning to the post-production phases of their projects, and with 15+ years of industry experience, she offers the kind of big-picture advice and film career tips that can help students take their work to the next level.


Combining her passions for filmmaking and independent thinking, Hill mentors students in the practical and creative skills involved in setting up companies, making films, and promoting work. After completing her B.F.A. in Film Studies at FSU, Hill worked as a PA in central Florida and worked her way up the ladder over the course of a decade, teaching both film and business courses in a variety of colleges. She has mentored students through the processes of creating business plans and building start-ups for entertainment-based companies, in addition to working on her own professional projects.


With 15+ years as a Project and Production Manager (working for clients ranging from Disney to Universal) and 8+ years of teaching, Hill is an expert dedicated to the hands-on teaching methods that form the backbone of the F.I.R.S.T. Institute experience. With industry professionals teaching the courses and direct instruction in the use of cutting edge systems, students are in the studio making their projects within the first few months of study. Hill’s experiences have convinced her that the best way to learn is to get up-close and personal right away with the techniques, the equipment, and the processes that students will be working with professionally.

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