We are presently at a time in the flim industry when capturing videos to preserve beautiful moments is just as easy and hassle-free as a few taps on our smartphones. Cameras have transformed from being huge and bulky to the now handy, convenient, and economical ones that produce results that are as good as, sometimes even better, than the professional models of the past.

There are instances when applying pre-installed filters, adjusting color grading, and simply trimming do not do justice to your footage. What you need are video editing softwares that offer rich features such as video stabilization, audio component and mixing, and other powerful tools!


The best video editing softwares come handy with features such as transitions, effects library, and a whole host of other functions. To help you understand more of this, we are listing down 5 of the most efficient video editing softwares available on the market:


Adobe Premier just got bolder, bigger, and better! Along with its classic, simple and clear interface come added tools like template storyboards, instant movies, and guided edits. Likewise, it offers tutorials, creative inspirations, and tips coming from the pro editors themselves.

Its new improved video stabilization, which is great for action-cam footage, is the one you have to watch out for.


Although video editing may be a difficult task, this program makes learning fun, enjoyable, and digestible at the same time.

Workflows move comprehensively and video importing is made simpler. Its tools and enhancements are likewise easy to locate and utilize.

It enables beginners for easy access and is also powerful enough for trained users.


This video editing software has been used to create one of Hollywood’s biggest movies, “The Wolf of Wall Street” with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Lightworks is designed to enable teams of editors to use multiple workstations at once – creating an output with dozens of scenes and probably composed of a hundred clips or more, and which may be quite impossible with other video editors. It is mostly geared towards precise editing and trimming of clips and is the perfect software for complex editing jobs.


Its valuable features include effects capabilities such as stop-motion animation and time lapse. It also boasts extensive feature sets, excellent ease of use, and a wide array of effects and editing options. It has the most flexible editing applications with dozens of ways to import and export.

Among its long list of impressive features, its ease is probably the one on top. The software is simple enough for beginners to explore, and, at the same time, robust enough to create masterpieces.


Last but not least, if you prefer more control and high quality video output, then this editor is the right fit for you! Magix Movie Edit Pro has a user-friendly interface and high-powered editing tools, as well as stability and improved speed.

This movie software lets you split, move, crop, and edit sound and video files. One of its most notable strengths is its professional color correction and adjustment features which can immensely improve your video production.


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