Hoping to land that dream job at one of those film studios with really big budgets? Well, when you do, you’ll have access to high-tech professional rigs that make moving the camera around easy. Any studio you work for, however, will expect you to know how to use these tools already. These tools include dollies, camera cranes or jibs, and the Steadicam. Not to worry — we have film making tips to help get you started and enhance your eligibility for film careers in this area!


When it comes to film making, one of the main factors that affects the movement of the camera is jitter. It’s very hard to get control of jitter manually; this is especially true in certain conditions, such as when you’re nervous, when the shot requires the camera to move swiftly, when the camera is heavy or when you have to hold it still for a long time.

So, how do you control camera movement without worrying about jitter? You need to use some sort of foreign device created to keep the camera steady as it moves and rotates. The camera movement equipment device will also need to have the ability to move and rotate in a variety of ways.


Let’s take a look at three types of camera movement equipment that top film schools teach you how to use in order to reduce jitter and make shots fluid: jibs, dollies and Steadicams.


Jibs, also called cranes, are used as vertical camera movement equipment. They come in various sizes, and choosing the right size is dependent upon the type of camera you plan to use, as well as the type of shot you’re hoping to shoot.

One of the most popular types of jibs is the Cobra Crane. People starting out in new film careers have produced great films using this crane. It’s just right for stabilizing cameras up to 25 pounds, and it only takes one person to operate it.

Keep in mind that big cranes should only be used by professional camera operators. This is because they have the potential to be very dangerous. Film schools help students learn how to use them safely!


A strong, solid dolly will give you the best camera support for both track-in and sideways shots. Avoid going with lightweight dollies, such as the ones made by Prosumer. They just make getting those really professional, smooth shots much harder to achieve. Instead, choose something much heavier, like a PeeWee dolly.

Dollies are also high-tech pieces of camera movement equipment that should only be operated by professionals. To get the job done right, hire a dolly grip. These professionally trained technicians are dedicated to operating camera dollies properly. Or, you can always learn how to make a movie using a dolly yourself at a film school!


The Steadicam is the brand name of a very innovative camera movement equipment device made for keeping film making cameras stable. This is done by isolating the camera away from your body.

It’s much less constraining than a dolly, although the dolly is the best choice in certain situations. For instance, the dolly is better for shooting a shot with sideways tracking on a smooth surface. However, if you’re following your subject while moving the camera down rough ground, the Steadicam is the best choice to get a smooth shot.


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