Some film industry professionals compare finding your first job to the likes of finding a “sunken ship lost at sea.” There’s an art to the entire process. Why? Well, the filmmaking business is a low-key, hidden market. Most rely on networking, word-of-mouth and reputations when it comes to hiring new employees. So, we’re here to give you some of our best filmmaking tips to land your first film industry internship.


One thing that will completely destroy any hopes you have of landing your first internship in the film industry is acting like an intern. Instead, you want to walk into the business acting like a professional. You probably aren’t going to be learning exactly how to make a movie or how to make a music video at your first film internship, and that’s ok! Just remember that you should always act as if you already have the job you want; stay professional and positive even if you’re only performing small tasks at first.

From the moment you step foot on a movie set, you’ll be expected to have a professional attitude and style. So, it’s only fitting that the job you’re trying to land will want someone who already possesses such attributes.


There are various ways to actually get your foot in the door to jumpstart your film industry career. Some of them include volunteering, internships, having an inside connection and pure luck. Let’s discuss five ways to land your first film industry internship to get your career off the ground:

  1. Film Industry Company Websites – Just about every major media organization offers various types of internships these days. Most post these job openings right on their websites for public viewing. If there’s no “Careers” or “Jobs” links, try checking out their “Corporate Info” or “About Us” pages.
  2. Popular Job Sites – There are job sites dedicated to internships, as well as those with internship categories. According to Forbes, some of those sites include:
  1. Daily Trade Publications – You can find weekly lists of film productions scheduled to be shot and currently being shot in publications such as Variety and The Hollywood Reporter. Many of the listings include phone numbers that are very useful to future interns. Call these film production offices and ask to speak with production coordinators. Let the person know your trying to land your first film industry internship.
  2. Your School’s Career Center – Good film schools have career centers setup specifically to help students and graduates get jobs in the industry. There you’ll find job postings with related internships and counselors to help you land your first internship in the filmmaking business quickly.
  3. Use Your Personal and Professional Networks – Speak with everyone in the film industry that you know about finding an internship program. This includes family, friends, neighbors and film school teachers, counselors and classmates. Attending a good film school means gaining access to various industry experts. Network with those film industry professionals to land your first film industry internship.


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