Filmmaking on-the-go is becoming more and more popular every day. These days, it’s almost impossible for a filmmaker to walk the streets without noticing something worth filming. That’s why many filmmakers have turned to cell phone apps to ensure that they capture those candid moments with picture-making quality.

The 10 free filmmaking apps below can be accessed on your mobile device at any time. They all help to make filmmaking on-the-go simple and convenient for Apple device users. Download them to your iPhone or iPad, and start filming. And to top it off, they’re all free!


Cinema Forms is one of the popular filmmaking apps that make it possible to go paperless on the set. It includes common filmmaking forms you can save on your iPad. The free version gives you access to 10 free filmmaking apps.


Gobo is the digital version of a filmmaking dictionary. It’s an excellent resource for newbie filmmakers, who need quick access to various filmmaking terms.


Own a high-tech camera, but have no idea where you put that manual? Some of the most commonly used cameras are the hardest to figure out. LVRUSA is one of those filmmaker apps that gives you access to digital manual versions, making filmmaking simpler for you.


The AJA Data Calculator joins our list of filmmaker apps. It calculates the film sizes of your various filming scenarios. You can select different file formats and codecs for both audio and video. This app is useful even if you’re not using an AJA camera for your shoot.


Looking for one of those effective filmmaking apps that make photography easy, too? It was originally designed for actual film shooting, but it’s also a very useful filmmaking-related app for digital shooters. Kodak Cinema Tools gives you access to multiple filmmaking-related tools:

  • Film run-time calculator
  • Depth of field calculator
  • Sunrise/sunset calculator


This filmmaking-related app makes location scouting simple and convenient. You can take pictures of potential filming locations, and attach GPS data to the images. Panascout Lite also allows you to account for crop factors and aspect ratios, giving you a reliable idea as to framing. That way, you already know what to expect when you arrive with your camera.


The Magic Hour app joins the list of filmmaking apps that concentrate on incorporating photography/filmmaking into your daily life. It notifies you each day, at the beginning of magic hour, that special time of the day when colors and lighting are just right for filming and photography.


Looking for filmmaking apps that make it easy to create on-set blocking and storyboards? Then Celtex Shots is what you need:

  • Drag-and-drop props, subject, and lights into your scene
  • Easily and quickly share various blocking ideas with your film crew members
  • Send stills of storyboards via email to share them with crew members
  • Save still to make accessing them on the set or sharing them easy


SMAPP has a lens selection tool to help you choose the perfect lenses for various filming situations. It also uses various scenarios to recommend equipment you need to pack when filming on-the-go. The stabilization recommendation tool helps you decide between a glidecam, slider, tripod, monopod, etc… This is one of the few filmmaking apps that also come with a built-in tutorial.


Focus Chart is a filmmaking-related app that allows you to focus and test your lens. It’s a simple app that makes lens calibration simple.For more filmmaking tips on how to make filmmaking simple, check out the F.I.R.S.T. Institute Blog today.

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