How to Choose the Best Audio Engineering Schools for You


Once you’ve decided to go to school for audio engineering, you might feel a little uncertain on how to go about finding the best audio engineering schools for you.

Which schools make your short list should depend on what sort of certifications and/or degrees you’re interested in earning, and what you want to be able to take away from your audio engineering and music production education in terms of knowledge and experience.

Choosing the Best Audio Engineering School For You

When you have made a list of audio schools that you would like to attend, consider the following when deciding which schools to contact:

  • Which programs does the school offer?
  • What supplies and materials are used to complete projects?
  • Would your instructors have relevant industry experience?
  • Would there be opportunities for networking & audio engineering internships?

After you have given some thought to these questions and where you would like your education to take you, it’s time to make your next move!

First Things First

Which schools you reach out to should depend first on what you plan to do after you graduate. Some job opportunities are going to require different levels of experience and different types of proof that you’re qualified for the position. If you have a certain certification you might be a shoe-in for one audio engineering job, and you could be passed over for another position because you don’t have a degree. There’s nothing wrong with this — if you plan ahead, you can have everything you need to chase the audio engineering job of your dreams.


Consider the Different Audio Engineering Programs Offered

Some audio production schools will have several different audio engineering programs available and others will focus more on a single aspect of the industry. It isn’t uncommon to find a school with an audio engineering program leaning more toward the performing arts side of the field, and then come across a school that teaches more about the technical side and behind-the-scenes techniques.

This is why it is important to consider where you want to be in the future, and how your audio engineering program is going to help get you there.

Different audio schools are also going to have different types of equipment available for students to use while pursuing their education. Schools like F.I.R.S.T. Institute go the extra mile to ensure that students have access to the equipment that is currently in use by industry professionals. This is important because using outdated equipment can lead to problems when competing for audio engineering jobs after graduation.

Know What the Faculty is Like

The same logic can be applied to the faculty and staff of the audio engineering and music production schools you’re thinking about attending. The best school for you will do everything it can to bring the relevant real-world experience of people who have worked as audio engineers beyond the walls of the school. Having access to someone who has been where you want to be can be immensely valuable.

Another point in a school’s favor is the opportunity to build relationships that will help you to further your career goals for years to come. Whether you participate in student organizations, complete an internship, or find another way to become involved in the school community, you should pay special attention to the ways that a school can help you forge connections and network with other students, faculty, and industry professionals.

It’s Easy to Become Overwhelmed, But…

Don’t let the sheer number of choices put you off of looking for the perfect audio engineering school! There is an ideal curriculum and learning environment out there for everyone.

If you’re interested in learning more about F.I.R.S.T. Institute we would love to discuss our audio engineering program with you!

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