These days, the need for strong audio engineering interns within commercial recording studios is greater than ever. Interns are expected to operate studio equipment, maintain the areas of the studio and assist in any way needed. So, how do you land an audio engineer internship while attending an audio & music production school with no industry experience under your belt? Follow our audio industry tips to land an internship!


The recording studio business is an extremely service-oriented industry. More often than not, interns act as the primary points of contact between the clients and the recording studio itself. So, to become an effective and efficient intern, you’ll need to possess outstanding social skills.

Not only will you be assisting other staff members, but you’ll be interacting with a diverse variety of clients. Your ability to engage with others needs to show in your resume in order to get the interview you need to win an audio engineen internship.

Most commercial recording studios, music production studios, or audio visual companies receive multiple emails each day from prospective applicants attending or graduating from music production schools who are hoping to land solid internships. Some of these emails create the wrong impressions, never even gaining the applicant consideration. So, you need to do what it takes to make sure your email grabs the attention of the hiring manager instantly!

Your email is the first impression you’ll make on the recording studio. It opens the door to your attached resume, which leads to the interview you so desperately want.


Never send out mass emails hoping to get your resume read by potential internship hiring managers. And, those cut and paste jobs aren’t always efficient either. Instead, customize each email for the specific recording studio, and manager if possible, you want to read your resume. Here are some tips to help with that:

  • Use Real Names: Do some research to find out who does the hiring or manages the studio. Address that person specifically in your email. It will engage him/her much faster than simply “Dear Manager.”

  • Refer to the Studio’s Name: Make sure the person reading your email believes you’re not just interested in any internship, but an internship at their studio specifically.

  • Explain Why You Chose Them: Tell the hiring manager why you want to work at this particular recording studio. Explain exactly why you think it’s so much more interesting than the competition.

  • Explain Why They Should Choose You: If you believe you’re the best candidate for the audio engineen internship internship, then make sure the hiring manager knows that as well. Let him/her know just why the studio needs you so badly.

  • Show You’re a Fan: Do your homework. Learn some specific details about the studio, its gear, design and philosophy. Intrigue the staff by referencing some of this in your email.

  • Attach Your Resume: Make sure your resume contains relevant information and is brief and well-formatted. It should reflect both your dedication and professionalism.


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