Interested in learning how to make a website? The good news is that it’s not a super complicated process as long as you’re okay with having a simple site! Even without serious technical skills, you can create a website from scratch.

There are some complex methods which require innovative skills, but there are also those simpler tools that make creating your own website a smooth process without needing knowledge from web design school. We cover the three most common methods and steps to take when considering how to create a website in today’s Design Tips blog!


The first thing you have to do is choose your URL, also called your domain name. In layman’s terms, this is your “www” address. In order to get yours, you will have to register the URL for at least one year. There are thousands of companies that register them. We recommend buying your domain name from the same company you purchase web hosting from when you decide to make a website (next step).


When you make a website, it has to connect to the Internet in order for others to be able to search and gain access to it. That’s what a web host company does. It “hosts” the files connected to your website on its server. And, because the website hosting company has a direct connection to the Internet, surfers are able to see your site online.

What to Look For in a Website Hosting Company

These are some of the things you may want to look for when choosing a web host company before you make a website:

  • Simple to use platform
  • Various template designs
  • 24/7 technical  support
  • Free email on domain
  • No technical skills needed
  • Easy shopping cart integration
  • Free traffic reporting and statistics
  • Unlimited bandwidth & disk space
  • Easy WordPress installation (see next section for more on this)


There are numerous options when considering how to make a website. Some are expensive, while others are absolutely free. The complexity of the site will be determined by the amount of technical skills you have in the website building department. Here are three of the most common ways to build a website:

  1. Use a Content Management System (CMS) – There are numerous CMS providers these days. The most popular, commonly used CMS is WordPress. It’s free, and it comes with well over 2,000 themes. With WordPress, you can login and manage your website from anywhere, as long as you have online access. Plus, your site will be customizable. Even a beginner in website building can create a WordPress site fairly easily!
  2. Use a Website Building Application – Website building is fairly simple when using programs developed for this purpose. Two popular choices are MS Publisher and Adobe Dreamweaver. With these software tools, you generally go through the steps of how to create a website from scratch. You will need to know a little bit of HTML coding, but it’s not that hard to learn and definitely easier than it looks. You can learn how to make a website using these tools by taking web design classes at web design schools.
  3. Develop a Professional Website – If you want to build more complex websites, you will need to learn web design and website building. At web design school, students learn how to make a website using complex HTML coding. Once you learn web development using these skills, you can start building websites for a living.


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