It seems like everyone’s attending online colleges and taking online courses these days. Everywhere you look, there are programs promising to offer the same quality education as campus-based schools. In some cases, they may come close. But, unfortunately, many students who attempt online school end up quitting because of the lack of accountability and hands-on experience. There are benefits of attending a campus-based, accredited web development school add to that quality education like no online school can!


Nowadays, you’ll find accredited web development schools offering online, hybrid and on-campus programs. In most cases, the general curriculum will be about the same across the board. So, what’s the main differences between the three?

  • Online Web Development Programs – Study on your own time. Work load more than traditional learning as study hours must be proven with assignments. No hands-on experience with any industry equipment.
  • Hybrid Web Development Programs – Combines online courses with on-campus classes. Or, may be a specific hybrid course, which combines classroom time with online learning.
  • On-Campus Web Development Programs – Structured learning. Classes meet at a certain time and place, with in-class participation being very important to grades. You have the ability to speak with instructors and practice on equipment firsthand.


Some accredited online schools offer well-rounded, quality educations. Since they’re accredited, there are set standards and guidelines they must follow, just like a traditional college. However, campus-based accredited schools give students face-to-face advantages that web-based schools just cannot offer. Here are some of the greatest benefits of attending an accredited web development school:

Campus Facilities –Campus-based learning gives you access to various physical facilities you may need to thrive in school. Libraries, labs, even break rooms are all great assets that help enhance the learning experience.

Structured Learning –Not all students are self-disciplined enough for the “study at your own pace” learning style of web-based web development school. Some need the regularity, structure, schedules and discipline that comes with campus-based web development schools.

Face-to-Face Instructors –In the design industry where creativity meets technology, face-to-face instruction makes learning more effective. Even when not in class, instructors have office hours that allow students to gain access to one-on-one tutoring, advice, assistance and attention.

Social Engagement – Interacting with instructors, peers and guest speakers always makes learning more visually appealing. This on-campus engagement also provides valuable, and sometimes lucrative, networking opportunities that can’t be gained in online courses. Your future web development jobs or even web development career could depend on the networking opportunities available to you while in school!

Hands-On Experience – Online courses don’t generally offer the hands-on experience you gain from working on-campus in the lab with instructors and other students. It’s these environments where you’ll get to make mistakes and come up with innovative ideas all at the same time.


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