Creating video content for businesses is yet another niche of the film and video production industry. These 30-second scripts are basically the online versions of TV commercials. Various research studies show that video will become 90% of all online content within the next 10 years.

So, as an aspiring filmmaker or film school student, this is a niche you may want to look into when it comes to having a career in film! Knowing various types of videos to use for business marketing will help you build your brand, as well as the brands of any clients you take on, and further your career in film!


These five types of videos will help you succeed when using videos to help your clients market their brands:


Vlog is a cute and short way of saying “video blog”. It’s usually an informative or lifestyle blog entry, but using videos as opposed to text. Popular YouTube personalities are one reason they are so popular these days. Some popular celebrities boast several million YouTube views… per video.

Vlogs are generally about 1-5 minutes long. They are much more thematic in style than webinars, which are more educational than theatrical. One technological company that has embraced vlogs, and done it exceptionally well, is GameSpot.


Vine has become one of the most appealing types of videos to big businesses recently. These 6-second video shorts pack a mean punch when it comes to making a promotional point. Using these bite-sized pieces of visual content, Red Vines and Coca-Cola have successfully lured moviegoers to snack bars for sodas and licorice.



Even when they’re script-free, these types of videos can be powerful marketing tools for your client’s brand. Because you’re simply highlighting the cool parts of an event, not advertising a product or service, event videos are very trustworthy. They capture your audience’s attention much better than written promotions.

Event highlight videos are effective at also conveying company culture, service and product information as well. That’s because event videos show your audience what you want them to see, not tell them what you want them to know. A good film school will teach you how to make videos like these!


Generally, visual interviews are much more appealing to an audience than audio or text. Your clients can use them for website highlights, ‘About Us’ pages, ‘Team’ pages and job opening announcements.

Google, one of the largest corporations on the planet, uses video interviews for their “Inside Look” projects. These types of promotional videos give Google the ability to keep an intimate relationship with its audience. The company believes that visuals are much better for brand building than simple text.


These types of videos are becoming a very popular craze in small and large boardrooms. All you need is a well-formatted video presentation, with a very engaging, charismatic speaker behind it. Together, they can get your employees, sales team and board members excited about new services, product launches and marketing campaigns. They will also be much more effective when marketing to customers and potential clients than simple brochures and catalogs.


Interested in a career in making promotional videos for all types of businesses? Then you will need to know how to make various types of videos. And, the best way to learn how to make videos the right way is by attending a film school! This is your first step to a career in film.

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