When weighing your options for learning web development, you’ll most likely consider a few alternatives. You could self teach, try to learn the concepts with online courses, attend a large college with a degree program for this design industry specialization, or attend an accredited web development school that specializes in the field. There are pros and cons to each, but in this post you’ll find out why learning back end web development at an accredited web development school can benefit you much more than any other option!


The server side, also referred to as the back end, determines how a site works, changes and updates. These are things, such as servers and databases, that end users cannot see within their browsers.

Back end developers are also referred to as web developers, web programmers and back end web developers. Their major concerns are sophisticated things like content management, site structure and website security. Although it’s not a focus for developers, they still tend to know languages like CSS and HTML.


In order to create a dynamic website, you need to have back end development skills. That’s because dynamic sites constantly change, as opposed to static sites which stay the same. Dynamic websites also update in real time. Prime examples of these types of sites include Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter and blogs.

Why are blogs considered to be dynamic websites? The answer is simply because they’re constantly updating and changing. They must have databases in order to work the way they were intended. All info and data, such as uploaded images, user profiles and blog posts are stored within those databases. Back end web developers write code, which communicates with servers and tell browsers which info to pull from databases.


Front end languages are pretty standardized:

  • JavaScript for scripting
  • CSS for presentation
  • HTML for markup

Back end languages, on the other hand, talk directly to your server without the use of your browser’s interpretation skills. Some of the most commonly used server-side languages include:

  • Python
  • Ruby
  • PHP
  • Java (not JavaScript)


Many have taught themselves how to make a website using front end techniques. But, without back end development skills, your web development career can only go so far.

Learning back end web development from an accredited web development school helps you learn to create dynamic sites. You’ll also learn how to write code to customize client experiences and integrate third party APIs with your site, and ultimately how to make a website that is both functional and visually appealing.

Still a bit confused about the differences between back end and front end developers? Then, look at it like this:

1. Front End – Related to the web browser and all that’s sent to that browser

2. Back End – Related to the database itself and things not seen by site users


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