Web design schools can help you develop various skills needed to become a web designer in a professional setting. With the right schooling, you’ll learn how to expand your creative talents with your problem solving skills to create dynamic websites. But, should you attend a college for web design or learn what it takes to succeed in the design industry on your own?

Main Skills Needed to Become a Web Designer

Some of the skills a web design school will help you develop include:

Coming up with solutions to make more user-friendly websites

  • Developing responsive website layouts for mobile device users
  • Creating extremely functional apps that make connecting and entertaining more effective and timely


Learning these skills on your own will help you develop what it takes to become a web designer. However, you need professional teachers, instructors, and tutors to help you expand upon those skills. Attending a college for web design gives you access to industry leaders, valuable networks and hands-on learning techniques to maximize your skills as a web designer.


If you’d like to become a web designer, you must have what it takes to combine text and images to produce dynamic, user-friendly websites. Web designers are also responsible for designing webpages that encourage users to do specific things and take specific actions. All of this adds to the overall user experience, which can be enhanced by higher level techniques taught at a web design school.




These are just some of the concerns and responsibilities that professional web designers usually hold:

Concerned with the look of the website

  • Cares about the way visitors engage with the site
  • Creates easy to navigate, attractive websites using graphic design techniques
  • Tend to look at the overall big picture
  • Has tendency to possess some artistic skills
  • May have broad understanding of marketing and branding
  • Uses design software such as Fireworks, Flash, Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop
  • Possesses basic knowledge of CSS and HTML
  • Knows how to create, edit and manipulate layout, color, typography and images to produce interesting, engaging websites



In order to become a web designer who is respected in the design industry, you’ll need a solid foundation of the fundamentals of graphic design. Grasping an understanding of the basic principles of design prepares you for learning other skills needed to design dynamic websites. Attending a school or college for web design helps you learn both the fundamentals and the technical skills needed to actually design these site efficiently and effectively.

But, why not just teach yourself? Here are some really good reasons to attend a web design school or college for web design versus teaching yourself:

  • School opens more doors for you
  • The experience puts you above job competitors
  • It helps you learn theory quickly
  • You’ll learn how to execute projects using current industry tools
  • In school you’ll meet industry leaders, instructors and fellow students to network and engage with


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