Have you always loved listening to and sharing music with others? Does the idea of looking into music production schools and being able to create albums from scratch truly excite you? Then you’re probably an excellent candidate for a career as a music producer. In today’s post, we’re looking into some music production jobs, including a career as a music producer, that may be of interest to you!

There are so many options when you’re considering various audio engineering careers that it may seem overwhelming, but we’re here to help! As long as you are dedicated to learning the various facets of the music industry from top music productions schools, you’ll have a world of opportunity. For music production jobs specifically, we’ve listed our top choices below.



Music producers work within the music industry to manage the production and recording of an artist’s music. While the actual responsibilities can vary drastically, a music producer might:

  • Gather ideas
  • Bring in studio musicians
  • Choose which songs to use
  • Offer ideas throughout the entire recording process

In some respects, a music producer can be compared to a film director. The producer is often highly skilled in a number of musical aspects. They are usually a:

  • Talented arranger
  • Writer
  • Composer
  • Performer

A music producer is one of those music production jobs where you will help bring fresh ideas to the table at any point in recording. You’ll need a good ear to listen to various tracks and continue to offer suggestions throughout the production process. Your job is to ensure that the cut sounds as good as it can. Learning how to become a music producer at an audio production school is your first step to attaining this career!


When it comes to music production careers, this is a very specialized position. A jingle writer is someone with the talent to write the music for commercials. These are catchy tunes that can be matched with equally memorable lyrics in order to sell goods and services through commercials on TV or radio.

Typically, a jingle writer will work with advertising agencies. Based on guidelines and suggestions of the client in question, he will write the jingle. It’s not uncommon for ad agencies to choose from between several different jingles before they decide on one for their advertisement.


Commercial music producers can either work freelance or work for major companies, depending on their own experience and desires. So, this is one of those music production jobs that gives you options when it comes to working for yourself.

Freelance commercial producers tend to have (surprise) a lot more freedom. Employed commercial producers will be put on projects by large labels and publishers. They’re responsible for these works regardless of their personal interest in working with a specific artist or group of artists.


The main responsibility for a music director of a radio station is to select music to match the programming. For non-musicians, this is one of the most exciting of all audio production jobs.

Music directors frequently have their own radio shows at their stations as radio Deejays (DJs). As a matter of fact, most start out as DJs. They know what kind of songs to play and how to program a whole radio show.

Depending on the station, duties of music directors can vary. Responsibilities could include spending time on promotion or performing market research to determine audiences. Sometimes, they’ll even help train new DJs. Above all, they need to keep abreast of what’s new and popular in the music industry.


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