What is graphic design? What does a typical graphic designer job description look like? What does a graphic designer do? These are almost trick questions, as there is no one-size-fits-all job description when it comes to the graphic design industry.

Because graphic designers can specialize in multiple tasks and techniques, it is easy to see how pinning down a single “typical” graphic designer job description would be next to impossible. The only true common factor connecting all graphic designers’ job descriptions is that they all involve designing images and text using a computer!


Honestly, this is one of the greatest things about being a graphic designer. You’re certainly not going to be stuck doing the same sorts of things your whole career simply because you are a graphic designer. Instead, there are always countless opportunities out there to grow and change within your working environment after you’ve attended college for graphic design and enter the design industry.

Depending on the type of work that you do, a graphic designer job description could include creating and maintaining a company’s branding. This is a common task for both in-house designers and freelance designers who are in a long-term relationship with a particular client.

It could also be a designer’s job to create all of the designs for a client’s social media pages, or things like all of the ads for a new advertising campaign the client is launching.

Often, a graphic designers description depends on the needs of the client and the skills of the designer taking the job. If a client needs a lot of layouts done for a newsletter, brochure, or magazine, and will needs these done on a regular basis, this could be something that finds its way into the job description of the graphic designer they hire.


Some graphic designers have a flair for illustration, while others excel far more in photo manipulation. It would be massively unfair and illogical to try to fit both of these talents into the same mold and expect them to thrive equally.

Having the experience and skills from attneding a graphic design school can put you in on the top of the list when clients need a designer.

The design industry fosters an attitude of variety and acceptance — designers of all types are encouraged to seek out positions that are an ideal fit for their skills, or in the case of freelancers, to select only those clients whose needs align closely with the designer’s skill set.

This allows for a graphic designer to be anything but typical. Most job descriptions created for graphic designers are as unique as the relationship between designer and client!


If you are already a graphic designer and are considering a position with a client, or are thinking about entering into a contract as a freelancer, make sure you read everything twice, and ask plenty of questions.

Most clients know (generally speaking) what they will expect of a graphic designer , and this is what they use to create the job descriptions they use. It is up to the designer then to read what is written, and also ask for clarification as needed.

Some clients create vague job descriptions for their graphic designers, thus allowing them to work on a wider variety of projects without needing to change the scope of any agreement between client and designer. Other clients may create very specific job descriptions, which could need to be modified over time.

In most cases, it is the designer’s responsibility to make sure that they agree with and understand what the client is asking for before signing any contracts, or accepting any offers of employment. It is also the client’s responsibility to make sure that they understand exactly what their designer is promising them.
This extra effort can save everyone involved a lot of headaches, so when in doubt, always ask for clarification! Graphic design is an exciting and rewarding design industry career that might just be a great fit for you.


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