Many recording studios simply will not hire sound engineers who have no on-the-job experience. They want engineers with real-world experience to ensure they can get the job done efficiently and effectively. And, since the recording business becomes increasingly competitive each day, a job seeker in the recording arts field needs an edge to get hired. Sound engineering internships give you that edge.


Both private and commercial recording studios seek professionals with hands-on experience within one or more of these environments:

  • Post Production Facility

  • Distribution Company

  • Retail or Wholesale Store

  • Record Label

  • Live Performance Venue

  • Sound or Music Recording Studio

  • Other Type of Recorded Audio Environment


If you plan to have a lucrative career in the audio engineering industry, you’ll have to land your first job. In most cases, getting that first sound engineering job is very hard to do without any experience at all. That’s why sound engineering internships are so important. They give you something valuable to add to that job resume as you hunt for the job of your dreams.

Here are some of the other amazing benefits of sound engineering internships:

  • Earn Course Credits – If you attend a good audio production school, you’ll have to begin an internship within a few months of starting your schooling. Most quality audio engineering schools require students to complete at least 30 internship hours in order to graduate from the program.

  • Explore Various Career Paths – Many audio recording students start off on a specific career path, only to grow to hate their jobs over time. An internship allows you to explore various aspects of the audio engineering industry. This not only gives you experience in multiples areas, it gives you the chance to tinker with various career paths as well.

  • Get Practical Experience – Sound engineering internships allow you to gain practical experience through the application of theories and methods learned in the classrooms. This complements the hands-on experience you get when you attend an audio production school.

  • Learn to Perfect Your Craft – In the classrooms, your instructors will teach you very specific techniques. Internships give you a chance to test out those techniques, while tweaking them to meet the requirements of the studio for which you intern. You’ll get in a lot of practice during your internship program. And, as you know, practice makes perfect.

  • Professional Networking – When you intern, you’ll get to network with many different industry professionals. You’ll find yourself working directly with studio owners, other sound engineers, recording artists, musicians, and so much more. And, as an intern, many of them will actually enjoy helping you learn new skills, tools and equipment right there on the job. They’ll also make very effective references during your job hunts in the future.


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