January 17, 2017


Now that you’ve graduated, it’s time to start working towards finding your dream job. The Career Development Advisors at F.I.R.S.T. Institute are here to help you follow the path to success throughout your job search. All you have to do is contact us!

5 Ways F.I.R.S.T. Institute Helps Graduate with Career Development

Here are five ways we can assist you with finding employment in your field of work:

  1. Career Planning Sessions – Take part in career planning sessions with our Career Development Advisors. We’ll help you create a customized plan that focuses on your own personal career goals. Whether you’re planning to work for a major corporation or small company, or you plan to launch a freelance career, we’re here to assist you. Make an appointment for your Career Planning Session today.
  2. Resume and Cover Letter Review – Do you need resume assistance? Our Career Development Advisors will review both your resume and cover letter so they’re just right before you start sending them out to potential employers. In many cases, these job search tools are the first impression you make on recruiters. Make sure your resume leaves the best first impression possible.
  3. Interview Techniques – Students and alumni of F.I.R.S.T. Institute can schedule appointments with the Career Development Department to conduct mock interviews. You’ll go over the most common interview questions, so you’re prepared to answer them at interview time. This will help make the entire interview process less intimidating, so you come out successful.
  4. Job Opportunities – Our Career Development Advisors work diligently to find new job opportunities for our students and graduates. Jobs are posted to our Facebook Group, LinkedIn Profile and Career Development Job Board located in the student breakroom. So, utilize the job search services provided by our Advisors.
  5. Guest Speakers & Networking Events – F.I.R.S.T. Institute sponsors various networking and guest speaker events. These events help you connect with top industry professionals, and get information about the latest industry trends. You’ll have access to first-hand advice, tips, tricks and tools from professionals in your field, giving you an edge during your job search.

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