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Congratulations on joining the prestigious ranks of F.I.R.S.T. Institute alumni who are influencing the national digital media landscape! Your education journey doesn’t end here. Explore the valuable resources we’ve curated for you below. As a F.I.R.S.T. alum, staying updated with industry news is crucial, registering on relevant job platforms, and engaging with professional associations in your field is crucial. Additionally, as an industry professional, we encourage you to explore conferences and festivals both in Florida and nationwide to expand your network and opportunities. Networking is key!

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Need copies of your transcripts or a reprint of your diploma? We’ve got you covered! For unofficial transcripts, simply contact us at: or call 407-316-8310

If you require an official transcript simply fill out the following form and they will mailed out or sent electronically. Each copy of the official transcript costs $15.

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Diploma reprints can be ordered at the form below. Each reprint costs $40 plus shipping 

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Whether you require career resources, networking events, or job postings, staying in touch with our career services department will be your best bet for all these and more. We are always looking to celebrate your career milestones, remember to fill out your Employment Verification Form  to let us know about your new career opportunities. 


Alumni Stories, Connections, & More

We are honored to be a part of so many creative professionals lives.  Our goal was to develop a community of creatives that would champion and support one another. If your looking for inspiration check out our graduate stories, if you want to grow your network connect with the schools LinkedIn, or if you want to freshen up on some skills check out our Alumni Audit program.