March 15, 2023

Audio Artist at EA Games | Anthony Turi Grad Story

We all had big dreams as kids — from becoming a racecar driver to being crowned princess or even donning the cape of a superhero. For most of us they were far-off fantasies we outgrew over time. But it wasn’t like that at all for Anthony Turi. Not only did he hold on tight to his childhood dream but was ultimately able to make it come true when became an Audio Artist with EA Games. This is his story.

Where The Journey Into The Audio Industry Began

After graduating from F.I.R.S.T. Institute’s Recording Arts & Show Production program in 2018, Anthony quickly began putting his education to work. He started his career in audio by becoming a contracted recording and mix engineer at TSM Studios in Longwood, Florida. Over the next two years, he would further develop his craft by working with numerous bands and artists to bring their projects to life. After some time, he decided to expand his experience. This took him further down south to Miami, where he became a full-time engineer at Criteria Recording Studios. With about three years of studio experience under his belt, Anthony had achieved his childhood dream: he was a recording industry pro. However, he knew there was still room to explore and grow. Thus, he decided to pivot and turn his eyes to sound for visual media. 

From Recording Studios To Gaming Studios

EA is one of the most recognized brands in the gaming world. From sports titles such FIFA and NFL’s Madden to action-adventure games such as Star Wars, Battle Field, and Mass Effect. It was here that Anthony aimed his ambition next. Within a few months, he was working for EA as an Audio Artist. Audio Artists design and mix sounds for games. They are responsible for creating any sound that isn’t the score or soundtrack. Explaining how his time in the Recording Arts program prepared him for this opportunity, Anthony stated that “F.I.R.S.T. provided a good dynamic between studio recording, post-production, and live sound that left me feeling prepared to take on any role.” 

Since Anthony has been playing games created by EA his entire life, the experience of working there has been surreal. “There are alot folks who contributed to games I grew up playing who are still at EA,” he says, “so it’s like working with people who carved out my childhood.” Despite it being his job, Anthony is still just as enthusiastic about gaming as he was when he was a kid. “I love the game I work on” he says, “I play it on the weekends and return to work on it Monday through Friday.”

Reaching The Next Level

It’s safe to say Anthony is thrilled to be living his dream. “I’m in a position where I have my dream job, but I’m still always finding room to grow,” Anthony explains. For people like Anthony, who are passionate about creativity and are willing to invest in themselves, anything is possible. If you’re looking to launch your career in the audio field, why not join the thousands who’ve turned their creativity into a career by taking a tour of F.I.R.S.T. Institute’s Recording Arts & Show Production program?