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Josh’s interest in film and television production began at a young age, eventually leading him to Full Sail University where he received his bachelor degree in film production in 2006. Since then, Josh has worked on a number of short films, commercials, and documentaries as a freelancer. Along with a partner, Josh ran a production company that brought student filmmakers onto each project so they could have the chance to gain experience on set. He also has experience in other fields, including live television, theater, and software development. Most recently, Josh taught film and video production to high school students here in Orlando.

josh graham


Michael is an award winning director, producer and editor from Wasilla, Alaska. He's come to F.I.R.S.T. excited to share his passion for film, which has led him to find success creating three feature length films, a dozen short films and countless commercials and various forms of media. Michael's films have traveled the world In countless film festivals, acquired for distribution and available to the public for viewing in various streaming outlets. In-between developing his films, he's also a freelance editor and acting instructor.
"My greatest passion is to bring stories to life that hold a strong message and leave an impact on the audience"

Mike Burns


Pedro Cohen Graduated with Honors from College with a Degree in Communications, from then he went to Europe to specialize both in Filmmaking and Acting at the Madrid Film Institute. He has participated as Director, Actor, Producer, and Scriptwriter in Motion Pictures, Short films, Documentaries, Commercials, and Music Videos. In the United States, he has worked as a Senior Creative video Producer for E-Tech Companies such as Genius Plaza and MedTech Momentum. Before joining F.I.R.S.T  Institute he was the Director of Talent Development and Head Acting Instructor for John Casablanca’s International Centers. director, actor, scriptwriter, and editor in over sixteen short films. Upon his return to Venezuela, he worked in motion pictures, documentaries, commercials, and music videos. His short films have participated in film festivals around the world, winning awards and critical recognition. Pedro has ten years of experience as a filmmaking and acting instructor in Latin America, Europe, and the United States and has founded his own production company called Internal Victories.

pedro cohen

Film and video instructor

Domonic started his journey back in high school when he enrolled in a TV production class. It didn't take him long to get hooked on video production. In his words, "The satisfaction of storytelling through video is unparalleled to other forms of art, as it's such a powerful and compelling medium to visualize emotion and complex ideas."
After high school, he went to film school at Valencia College. It was here that he started meeting other creatives that had the same passion as he did. Shortly after starting his college education, he nailed his first industry job as a videographer, editing promotional videos for many different restaurant franchises in greater Orlando, such as Don Julio, Rock n' Brews, and The Porch.
He has more recently worked as a video producer for a PR company. This gig allowed him to produce videos for various industries, ranging from small tech startups to large biotechs and industrial companies. Many segments and interviews he produced are aired on Bloomberg TV.
He says, " Telling these businesses' stories through video editing has taught me more about the fundamentals of storytelling than any formal education can buy. Video editing is all about problem-solving and making the best out of what you got; I couldn't imagine myself in any other industry."

Domonic Crane


Faith’s passion for visual storytelling began at a young age while playing with her father’s camcorder around her home and at family holidays and events. Her creative eye for finding candid and unique stories of everyday people and places in their everyday lives shines through her successful career in wedding and event videography/photography and pursuit of documentary film projects. As a recent graduate of Montclair State University with a BFA in Film, Faith is eager to share both her education and experiential knowledge of the video production industry with young storytellers who are just as eager to have their visions, voices, and stories heard.”

Faith DeLorenzo

Jason Hasse 1

Based in Central Florida, Jason has been an event photographer and videographer for over 10 years specializing in portraiture and documentary style films and promotional pieces.  With a passion for film and motion pictures, Jason attended F.I.R.S.T. Institute Film School to learn storytelling and cinematography.  In May 2021, he graduated valedictorian from the film production program. He currently shoots projects ranging from short films, commercials and documentaries. 

His work covers a range of styles and genres from inspirational lifestyle pieces to compelling moody and suspenseful scenes.  Jason is committed to creating and producing films and content of all genres that impact and inspire others. 

Jason Haase

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Albert Hilt was born and raised in Hollywood Florida. At the age of 16, shortly after beginning his first job at a local Regal theater, it would be there where he’d developed his love for TV and cinema. In 2017 he graduated from Full Sail University, earning a  bachelor’s degree in film studies accompanied by a director's award in art history. He subsequently returned to school in 2020, where he completed his master's degree in creative writing.

Since then Albert has gone on to work in the film industry, making his way onto multiple Discovery network shows including Naked and Afraid, Crazy Mudder Truckers, and the Diesel Brothers. Other jobs include time on Love and Hip Hop Miami, David Blain 2018 world tour, You, Me and My Ex, etc. Albert has also worked closely with several bands and music artists, such as, Bring Me the Horizon, world renowned pianist Chloe Flowers, mega band AJR and Twitch tv star and artist Serada. Albert continues to follow his passion for film and entertainment even now while instructing here at F.I.R.S.T Institute.

Albert Hilt


Tim has been capturing moments since he discovered his first tape recorder when he was just 7 years old. Born into a family of artists, he jumped at any opportunity he could to tailor his craft by intentionally surrounding himself with the right people. Since learning the basics of video and audio production at an early age and refining himself through college, Tim eventually landed his first job in the industry as a Producer/Director for Time Warner Media. From conception to delivery and everything in between, his tenure at Time Warner landed him many other projects with the likes of NCAA Woman’s College Sports, Reality Check of New York State, and more. All the while, in his spare time, producing EDM music with releases on various labels around the globe. Tim’s journey has since taken him from the frigid climate of the Northeast to the wonderfully warm and welcoming climate of Orlando Florida. During his time here in Florida, he has been certified as a legal videographer as well as assist his local church build and maintain media departments with everything from live video to creative media content creation. Fun Facts about Tim: • Loves Transformers, so much that he has tattoos • Produces House music and has major releases on various record labels • Loves the beach, body boarding, and FPS games • A big fan of cultural foods • Born and raised in Syracuse, NY 

tim owens


Born in Canada but growing up in Florida, Noah found his passion for filmmaking starting with stop-motion animation in high school. Settling on the digital video production track in college he set about to get a part-time job as a media assistant at a large church. While producing a video for a local private school the Superintendent offered him a teaching position to start a media program at the school.  Reluctantly he accepted. However, after the first year of teaching Noah realized that this was even better and more rewarding than simply producing his own videos. Seeking to teach full-time he transferred to UCF to study film and education. While in college he produced, directed and edited several short films, promotional, interactive and conference videos. Moving to Baton Rouge, LA he built another media program at a private school in Baton Rouge LA, delving into high school sports live stream broadcasting while teaching video and photography. After 5 years he moved back to Florida to be closer to his family and pursue freelance production. Now returning to education at F.I.R.S.T, Noah is excited to share his knowledge and experience with the next generation and hopes to continue his professional development in the areas of writing for the big screen and producing feature length original films. 

Noah Seta

Andrew Sierra

My name is Andrew Sierra, I am a video professional with 11 years of experience in directing, producing and editing for companies such as Sony Entertainment, EA Sports, Taco Bell, Better Business Bureau, City Furniture, Porsche, Coinbase and more! I found my love for filmmaking in college and after working on my first school project, I became obsessed with the craft and never looked back. Being a part of this industry has created so many amazing experiences for me and I am happy to share that knowledge with other creatives alike.

Andrew Sierra

film-instructor Jocelyn is fresh from Seattle and eager to join the Orlando media scene. She brings with her 3 years of experience as a digital media specialist for a Seattle private school and a bachelor in Film Production from Central Washington University. At the private school, Jocelyn created promotional and informational content for the Admission and Development department that showcased community engagement and welcomed new families to the school. This past fall she created a three-part video series for the UCDS Fund, a campaign the Development department runs every fall, that helped raise over $400,000 for UCDS with 100% parent and guardian participation. Once the campaign was over, Jocelyn created a thank you video for the community that was shared on social media in order to celebrate this momentous occasion. Jocelyn is also incredibly passionate about screenwriting. In 2020 her script “November 1st” was a finalist in the New York International Screenplay Awards. All in all, she hopes to share what she’s learned over her career with other filmmakers and is grateful that she was able to find a community in F.I.R.S.T. Institute.



After graduating from the University of Central Florida in 1994 with a Bachelors in Technical Theater and Design, Michael “Spoon” Wotherspoon received his first internship at Nickelodeon Studios. After showing is outstanding skills and talents in the art department, he was hired on, for the art department for the following shows, Legends of the Hidden Temple, Guts, and Allegra’s Window.

He is currently enrolled back at UCF to receive his Masters and then PhD. In the Summer of 2015, he was hired by the Orlando Magic in a new role as a Head R.E.F. This opportunity offers new challenges in the area of the fan experience and sports hospitality. Most recently, he was brought on-board as a part of the faculty for FIRST Institute. He is truly excited to be in this new path in life!

Michael Wotherspoon