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Jared Burgos works as a freelance photographer and audio engineer in the Central Florida area. His passion for music led him to Full Sail University after high school, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Recording Arts. Jared’s creative passion began to grow during his time at Full Sail when he purchased his first DSLR camera. What started as a way to help promote his musical endeavors quickly turned into a genuine passion for photography and freelance business. In 2014, after receiving a set of vintage film cameras from a family member, Jared’s passion for image making expanded. Therefor, Jared began shooting film-based street photography, as well as digital portrait photography while working in Entertainment for The Walt Disney Company. Over the years, Jared has continued to grow his portfolio, and is excited to pass on his experiences with the F.I.R.S.T. Students.

Jared Burgos

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Samantha is a Photographer and Filmmaker. Ever since she was a kid, she found herself behind the camera. She loved making skits with her friends and having fun photoshoots. Once she was about to enter high school, her local school offered a Digital Video Production program where she realized she could make her passion become a career. She put all her efforts into her program and decided to further her education in film at Full Sail University where she received her Bachelor’s in Film. Unfortunately, when COVID-19 disrupted our world, creativity felt slim. Samantha could no longer create films in groups and her passion started to dwindle until she found Photography. Photography was her saving grace during the hardest time in her life. She started by taking creative portraits, boudoir photography, landscape, and self-portraits. Now that COVID has cleared, she has made a name for herself as a published photographer and excels in wedding photography. She runs her own photography business, is a top photographer in a published magazine, and has now continued her journey to share her knowledge at F.I.R.S.T Institute in Digital Photography.

Samantha Billotte