April 11, 2023

From Recording Arts Student To CMG Recording Artist | 10Percent Grad Story

‘Till Everybody Notice… 

Pierce Mackey, better known as 10Percent, knew what he was destined for at an early age. Like many kids, his introduction to music came from his family. “I got involved with music listening to what my parents would play, you know Al Green, Issac Hayes… the classics,” 10Percent recalled. After that, he was hooked; he wanted to learn more and discover how the music he loved was created. At the age of nine he was given a piano and would spend hours learning to play popular songs. Eventually, he started writing original pieces. As time went on, he continued to dive deeper and deeper into his art. His work ethic and philosophy are encapsulated in his name: the “ten” in 10Percent is an acronym for ’till everybody notice.



The Path To Becoming A Recording Engineer & Artist

I began making my own beats and engineering my own sessions,” 10Percent explained. “When I was in Memphis, I was making music, but I wasn’t putting it out.” Even though he could create music, he felt there was still something missing. He knew he needed to take his skills to the next level. “I used F.I.R.S.T. Institute to perfect what I’m doing and test it out a bit,” 10Percent said. Taking the time to hone his skills and amplify his knowledge paid off. “School didn’t only help me understand what I was doing,” he said, “it helped me understand how to work with others.”

One of the most significant parts of 10Percent’s journey is that he didn’t go it alone. His brother, who goes by AUP, took the Film and Video Production program at the same time that 10Percent went through the Recording Arts & Show Production program. Together, they were able to leverage each other’s skillset and make a name for themselves in the Orlando area. To this day, AUP directs most of 10Percent’s music videos.


Recording Engineer to Signed Artist With CMG 

After graduating, 10Percent doubled down on his grind. While helping others create and record, he continued to produce his music and grow a steady fan base. “We were out here three years,” 10Percent recalled, “then I got signed to a major label.” The major label was Collective Music Group, or CMG, a label the iconic Memphis artist Yo Gotti founded.

“Yo Gotti called my phone, and it was crazy; I got signed by the Dollar for Dollar challenge.” The Dollar for Dollar challenge was a social media challenge in which Yo Gotti posted a version of his song “Dollar for Dollar” with an open verse. The artist who had the best verse and garnered the most attention would be added to the official release. 10Percent’s verse and social media presence impressed Yo Gotti to the point that he felt compelled to sign the young artist to a record deal. “You got to have a meaning behind what you do,” 10 percent stated. “As long as you’re seeing growth you know you’re on the right path.” 


It’s exciting to see creatives find success in their industries. 10Percent is a prime example of opportunity meeting preparation. If you’re an aspiring audio engineer or recording artist who wants more from your career, we invite you to tour our Recording Arts & Show Production program at F.I.R.S.T. Institute. Countless grads like 10Percent have used this program to launch fulfilling creative careers, and you could be next!