December 20, 2014


Are you thinking about researching video production colleges to launch your career? Wise choice.

As technology continues to push the filmmaking industry towards the low­cost access of high quality equipment, many young creative minds are exploring their passion and desires to make movies. This demand has opened the doors for companies and people to train and educate the next generation of filmmakers. That same low­cost technology provides easy avenues for individuals to access, learn, and develop filmmaking skills on their own. As wonderful as this may be, there are still very important benefits that a video production college provides, which will help launch your career faster than the “do­it­yourself” training.


* 5 Reasons Why Video Production College Will Help Launch Your Career.

Networking and Collaboration:

You will never forget your film school classmates. These are relationships that you will have for years to come. You will grow and develop alongside them while in school and work together to push your skills even further after you graduate. These relationships are invaluable and should be treated as such.

Knowledge of Basic Skills:

When you graduate from a film or video production college, employers will know you possess a basic level of filmmaking skills necessary to work on their production or set. Without the credibility of a college education or training behind you, potential employers never know what they’re going to get when you show up on set.

Hands on Experience:

This is essential because video production colleges have thousands of dollars worth of film equipment that the average person does not have to have access to. This element of schooling helps to expose young filmmakers to the care, maintenance, and quality of real world production equipment.

No Consequences:

In life, you don’t get too many second chances. In film school, you do. Everyone around you is on the same level of learning. This is your opportunity to make mistakes and learn from them, because when you get out in the real world, people are less forgiving. Especially on set!

Internship Opportunities:

Since most internships require that you are attending a school,being a student will give you the opportunity to get your foot in the door. This will allow you the opportunity to work alongside and network with industry professionals. If you turn out to be a hard worker, you could already have your first job lined up before you graduate.

These 5 reasons to attend a video production college provide a clear benefit to any other type of training or education. Much like the people you meet at film school, the skills you develop will stay with you forever.